Monday, August 11

the camping trip where everyone gets sick, and I get tired

We're back from our trip, but before I give you the recap I wanted to share this picture taken of Tyler just before we left. We put him in a wife beater (you never realize how bad of a name that is for a shirt until you type it out!), and he looks like a little stud. Also, we cut off the mohawk. I was sad to see it go but we wanted to cut it all even so that we can grow it out long again. However, since we are not capable of giving him a normal haircut he does have a tiny rats tail in the back.

So we went camping in Silverton, Colorado and I cannot even begin to express how beautiful it was there. The pictures we took definitely don't do it justice! It rained a lot but we didn't care because it wouldn't be half as beautiful if it weren't for that rain, plus our tent didn't leak. If it had I'm sure I'd be complaining. We went there for the family reunion of Jeremy's immediate family (brothers, sisters, parents, etc.) and had a great time. Looking back at things individually I'm not sure why I say it was fun, but when I think about it collectively it really was an awesome trip.

The whole first day we were there Tyler kept spiking fevers. By some miracle I had actually remembered to bring three different bottles of Tylenol, so we were alright, but I still was worried about him. We happened to be out 4-wheeling that whole day, so I spent most of it holding him in the back of the truck. He was a trooper but you could tell he didn't feel well. He was really lethargic, which he NEVER is.
See how sad and sick he looks? And see the motherly concern just swimming in my eyes?
This is Alexis the bobble head. She got to ride the 4-wheeler with grandpa and had to wear a helmet that weighed as much as she does.
This is the ghost town we rode through. Alexis insisted that the abandoned houses are actually called "dams". Nothing could convince her otherwise. So, look at the cool dams!
This is the point we rode to. If you can't tell it says 12,800 feet. That's one high sucker.

Jeremy gave Tyler a priesthood blessing that night and when he woke up in the morning he was perfectly fine. So that day we went to the nearby town of Ouray where they have hot springs and spent a few hours swimming and got a much needed shower. It rained a lot while we were there, but you somehow just don't care when you're sitting in your swimsuit in 92 degree water. Also an old man from New Mexico, after hearing I was visiting from Utah said, "You vote republican! It's your fault!". But again, when sitting in that warm of water you don't care about much, like correcting them with an "actually I probably didn't even vote in that election", I just figured it would make him more mad.
Not the best picture of Alexis, but this is at the hot springs after we've swam and showered.

That night Alexis got sick. Everyone was around the campfire and she would just stand away from everyone, staring at nothing. That's very odd for her and we finally figured out why. She didn't sleep well that night (there was not a night where one or the other didn't end up in our bed) and wouldn't even leave the tent in the morning. She threw up a few times and I spent most of the morning laying with her. Jeremy gave her a priesthood blessing around lunchtime and within minutes she was up and chasing chipmunks ("shipymunks" as my nephew calls them) with her cousins. That night a bunch of the boys went to do some more 4 wheeling, while the rest of us hung around camp.

Jeremy doing stuff he's not allowed to do when the kids and I are in the Rhino.
Corn eating contest. Jeremy's dad won.
A really cool picture taken by Jeremy somewhere. The clouds were amazing and some of them were just so low.Tyler, Alexis and cousin Mason on the 4 wheeler. Alexis and Mason are making their "shipymunk" faces.

One thing I learned from this trip is that teaching children the real names of certain pieces of anatomy is just fueling them with ways to embarrass you. One night we were playing Mad Gab and Alexis was watching us. As far as she could tell we were all just shouting out random words, so she decided to join in. She said a few words and then ran off with her cousins again. She came back a few minutes later while we were still playing, sat down, and took the opportunity during the one moment of silence to yell out the name of a certain piece of male anatomy. You know which I'm talking about. I laughed so hard that I couldn't talk for about a minute. Then I later reminded her that we don't talk about things like that in public, but I think the response she got when she said it counteracted that lesson in her mind.

By the way, are you guys enjoying the Olympics? I like to watch it because it reminds me of the Olympics 4 years ago, which I watched while in labor with Alexis. And if you had asked me last night while she was having one of her major episodes, I would say that I preferred where she was 4 years ago to where she is now.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have about 20 more loads of laundry to do before I'm allowed to go to bed tonight.


Rachel & Todd said...

cool pictures! It can be so overwhelming just packing to go camping, let alone dealing with sick kiddos! You are one tough cookie...but I already knew that watching you scale walls and such :)

Ashley said...

i'm so sad i missed out!

Reynolds Family said...

Your kids are so cute! I especially LOVE the picture of Tyler in his "wife beater."

Glad you guys had a fun trip!