Monday, August 4

what do you say when you call out to the birds?

Today I asked Alexis to draw what we are going to be doing this week. Below is the result. Can you tell what it is? It takes a minute for the eyes to make sense of it (it was easier before she drew hair on all of us), but once you figure it out it's pretty cute.
We are going camping, so this is our family in a tent. On the left is Jeremy (notice the spiky hair and the fact that he's the tallest), I'm next to him and we're holding hands. To my right is Tyler (more spiky hair) with some scribbly things around him which she says are his "covers". Then finally we have Alexis with a frown on her face. She's sad because she doesn't want to go to sleep. Which really means that I should have a frown on my face too because most likely I WANT to go to sleep and she's not letting me (much like just about every night this week). Then I asked her what the point on top of the tent was and she got all excited and said, "that's where we call out to the birds!", so she went and drew that blue line which, I can only guess, is some sort of bird calling device.

I'm sure that long explanation of her picture bored you, but I was excited about it. Looking at pictures she draws is always a little like getting a peek into her brain.

Anyway, we're going camping in Colorado, so you won't hear from me for another week or so. Maybe less, if you're really lucky. It's supposed to be cold there and a little rainy, the kids already have runny noses, I've got a canker sore the size of Alaska in my mouth and a sore throat due to bad allergies, so it's got tons of potential to be one of the worst camping trips in history. However, I do love to camp, I'm excited to see somewhere I've never been, the company will be good, and we're taking the Rhino, which is always fun. I am excited to go, I just always get a little anxious and nervous before trips, but it will pass. Plus, it can't be any worse than the trip I took with my family as a kid where there were so many bees I never left our van, except to run to the tent and run to the bathroom. Or the time we camped in Canada and I got an ear infection and spent the rest of the time worrying about if my ear drum was going to burst if I did just about anything I wanted to do. Awesome trips, mom and dad! See ya in a week.

Oh yeah, also my sister-in-law is selling her townhouse and I told her I'd add a link to the site in case anyone is looking for a townhouse in Clinton, UT.


Cindy said...

Did you notice the great big smile that Alexis put on your face? I think she sees you as a wonderful, happy mom!!!
Hope everyone feels better. Trent is running a fever..........this will be a great we won't forget!

The Shill Spill said...

I hope you guys have the time of your lives! :) We will miss you! Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

mamahegji said...

we may have made you go to foreign countries and even bee-infested places (or were they swaps?), but we always had a hammock for you!