Friday, July 25

I think I jinxed it

Last night before going to bed I said to Jeremy, "Do you realize that Alexis has been pretty good lately?", meaning that we haven't had much of the stuff I complained about last week. Fortunately my almost 4 years of parenthood has hardened me and I knew better than to think we were out of the woods with this child just yet. That night we experienced one major meltdown around 2 AM, a time when none of us are at our best. She had to use the bathroom and dad can't help her because "wiping is a girls job" so she needed me. But was this said in a nice manner? Of course not. The fit she threw was so huge that we began to wonder if the devil himself had entered our child's body. Eventually she fell asleep and things calmed down...until she woke up. And most of the day she has looked like this:
Now she is napping, despite all her protests that "naps are boring". A blasphemous statement if I ever heard one, but I'll forgive her, she's only a child. And this afternoon we have a family birthday party to attend, so she and I will have limited interaction, which is usually safest on days like this.

Now. Here's a video of Tyler. I usually try to keep the videos I share on here around a minute and a half, but this one is approaching three minutes. I think it's worth your time, but that's because I think my kids are the cutest things since baby Gap. If you have cleanliness issues or problems with people who have food on their face, then this will probably make you sick and you are excused from watching it. Jeremy hasn't seen it but it would probably drive him kind of nuts. Anyway, we've tried to teach him how to say "I love you", so lately he says "love...YOU!" and points at you. It's very (need I say it again?) cute! So that's part of what he's doing in the video.


Shelly said...

Sorry Alexis is being so "fun" today. At least you have something to do tonight, when she wakes up from her nap, which will hopefully help. Tyler's video is so cute! I'm just sitting here laughing.

The Shill Spill said...

That was incredibly CUUUUUTE! :) I love that he sings "up above the sky"! :) I also love that he pulls a spoon out of no where and shows you how he is 'supposed' to eat a yogurt, rather than how he 'wants' to. :) Loooooooove it! I ALSO love that he refuses to say 'love'! It's just I....and....YOU! Awesome work Tyler!

Karly said...

That video is priceless. I love how excited he is to say YOU, he lets Alexis say the I and Love and he just can't wait to finish it. Cute Alexis wanted him to say the whole thing correctly. :) I also love how he pulls the spoon out of nowhere, haha I laughed so hard. And then when you said drink he threw that spoon down and dove right in. So great!

mamahegji said...

yes, alexis has been having a few melt downs, but she also is the best big sister that tyler could ever ask for. she loves him so much and always is teaching him good things to do. and she doesn't seem to be jealous of him, even though he gets much more face time with the video now a days.
and she does have a point--wiping is a girl's job.

Jessica M said...

Ah, 2 am. That's become a regular time of day around our house. I thought once a person got their babies sleeping through the night you were free and clear. Ha!!

And, in response to your comment, yes, that is the same TV we had in Provo. Yes, it's older than me and yes, it should have disappeared a long time ago. But it still works! Now the question is, do we replace the frig, computer, or TV which are all dying simultaneously? Hmmm, hard one.