Monday, July 28

It's that time of year...

...when every lawn on the block is littered with brown spots because the water can't keep up with the heat of the sun.

...when it takes a matter of minutes for the laundry on the line to dry, but you still leave it out there for hours because you can't bear to go back outside.

...when people get so desperate to be cooled off that they spend hours filling up little tiny water balloons, only to spend 5 minutes throwing them at each other and wasting half of them because they hit the grass first. Just spray yourself in the face with the hose people, it's the same result with a lot less hassle.

...when you'd rather stick your head in an oven than get back into your hot car that's been sitting in the sun all day, because at least when your head is in the oven your butt is still in the air conditioned house.

...when I start to get sad because more than half of my summer is gone.

What's this time of year mean for you?


mamahegji said...

it means, that if i'm really nice, i can go swimming with tyler and alexis.

Jessica Kolb Munk said...

I completely agree with you. Although some other things start to come to my mind. The social engagements slowing down to just evening dinners and hang out sessions. Fresh crayons, markers and folders (even though I have no kids in school) cooler weather, along with apple cider and what to be for Halloween. Fall also reminds me of Friends reruns (I watched all 10 seasons the fall after Zac was born, he would nap like 3 hours:) putting silk autumn leaves on my table in the entry, but also cramming as much pool time in before the heat leaves...even though we probably still have til midway through sept. :)

The Shill Spill said...

...when I stop thinking about all the craziness going on about me every day, and start settling into more of a schedule. (Because that's what fall means to me.)
...when I try to fix the dry spots all over my lawn...with probably no success...just to say I tried.
...when I want to cry because their is only one more week of softball games. *Unless of course I decide to play fall ball.
...when I can enjoy a cold fruity drink -- because that's just what I love on hot summer days!

Kole Winters said...

So true about the water balloons! Just today I filled up 15 baloons for the kids and of course 5 seconds later they are GONE. What a waste. Totally not worth it.