Friday, June 27

weekly stuff

I needed to get a post up before life gets really busy around here, which I anticipate happening this weekend. Have I ever mentioned how I hate being busy? I'm a laid-back kind of lady and hate having a million things to do, but that is life, isn't it? Most of the stuff is a fun kind of busy anyway, so I can't really complain. Especially since I've already been swimming 4 times this week, and we'll go again in a few hours. My life really is hard.

We'll start with the most exciting part of my week. Alexis had a MAJOR swimming breakthrough yesterday, of which I have video. I'll get that up today before we go camping...hopefully. But here's a hint:
I turned 26 this week, which Jeremy likes to remind me is closer to 30 than 20. He usually stops once I remind him that he turned 29 last week. That's a whole lot closer to 30.
Tyler has taken to sleeping with small objects, like bouncy balls. He closes his little fist around it and drifts off to sleep, awakening occasionally, screaming like he's seen the devil himself, because he can't find his ball which is RIGHT NEXT to his leg.

Jeremy dug up our backyard to move a water box, a project that ended up taking a lot longer than he anticipated, and involved spraying both of us in the face with dirty water when one of the pipes came off. As a result we now have an "L" shaped section of dirt and dead grass. I take it as a sign of love that he put my initial in the lawn.

And today we're babysitting Jeremy's 5 year old cousin. He asks a lot of cute questions, like "will Tyler be sad if I play with his toy?". This question is nice to hear because 1) it involves actually caring about others feelings, and 2) it wasn't "will Tyler be mad and hit me if I play with his toy?" which shows he's not scared of Tyler. Any kid not afraid of my son is welcome anytime.

Stay tuned for a video of Alexis and her awesomeness.


Shelise said...

So does that mean that Dallin isn't welcome anymore? JK

Lisa said...

hahaha, i hoped you wouldn't take that comment personally. There's LOTS of kids that are afraid of Tyler. And dallin is welcome anytime, but he probably won't want to come.

The Shill Spill said...

Both my kids included!
Happy Birthday Lis! Hope you had a great one! :)
Can't wait to see a camping post. :) See you tonight!

Kole Winters said...

Oh crap! Happy Birthday. I'm a terrible friend.