Sunday, June 22

more Rhino adventures

Yesterday we had the chance to go out in the Rhino again for part of the day. While it was nice and hot here, the trails up in the mountains were quite a bit cooler. Which is really good because we haven't yet made some sort of roof for the kids in the back!

So we drove up to this lake called Forest Lake, which was really pretty. I guess it was extremely appealing to Tyler because he just stood and stared at it for the longest time. Then we looked over at him again later and saw that he was standing IN the lake, shoes and all! Next to the lake was a pond that seemed to call out to men and their four wheelers: "drive through me". Every group of ATV's that came through there had at least one (if not every) person that had to drive through it. And everyone else would watch and laugh and then pull them out when they (as they usually did) got stuck. One guy got stuck far enough in that his friend that went in to get him out got stuck too, so they had to have a third guy help him. While this was entertaining to watch I had no desire for our Rhino to go through it; fortunately Jeremy didn't express any either, probably because he knew I wouldn't have liked it. But his friend who came with us tried it, and got stuck twice. Unfortunately the second time did something to his Rhino, so he had to head home and get it taken care of.

After that we found a nice place to stop and eat lunch.Jeremy and I both seem to agree that our favorite part about having this Rhino is not actually all the four wheeling stuff (though that is fun!), but it's the places we can go with just our little family and the peace and quiet we can enjoy. We love going up to where there aren't a lot of people or noise. Which I know you can get by hiking too, which we also enjoy doing.

Then, on the way back down, the kids proved to me that if they are tired enough, they really can sleep anywhere. Even on a rocky, bumpy road.


Darla said...

When and WHERE did you get this Rhino thing? I love it and I guess I haven't read your earlier blogs to know the actual history of this backroad delight. How fun!! Cole would die! Why aren't we out there playing with you guys??

The Shill Spill said...

Those pictures of them asleep is precious...but also a big funny. I can just picture their cute little head bobbing around as you go over bump after bump on the road.
I am secretly jealous of this whole side life of adventures you get to have out in nature with your little family. (We need to invest in 'something' like that.) Because, when you're all done for the day, you can just pack up and head home. (And you can all sleep in your own beds.) :) How nice! Sounds like you had a great weekend! See you bright and early at aerobics! :)

Karly said...

Haha, I love the pictures of Alexis and Tyler asleep. I wish I slept that good anywhere!