Friday, June 27

the breakthrough

Before you watch this video, you have to understand that Alexis is not a natural water lover. Because we swim so much she has learned to love it, but she has always been afraid of getting water in her face. She (up until yesterday) used to freak out if she got the slightest bit of water on her face, which obviously meant no dunking or jumping or splashing. Then yesterday something clicked. I guess she realized it's not so bad, that swimming is in fact more fun when you aren't afraid of water on your face. So what you are about to watch is really amazing for her. Really really amazing and I still can't get over it. After she learned to do this she did it for the next hour, over and over and over again. And I am beyond proud.

{Sorry if the video is grainy or the sound is bad...Jeremy wasn't here to do it for me}


Karly said...

I love it! I was surprised she even let you throw her in!

shellybellybee said...

Awesome! I can't believe it. Hopefully she'll teach Jackson to be that brave.