Monday, May 5


Alexis' latest obsession is scooters. Fortunately for us some kid left a scooter on my parents lawn last year and never came back to claim it. Alexis talks about riding scooters all the time, but I found out today that she would much rather talk about it than actually do it. She spent 65% of her time this afternoon talking about the kids she knows that ride scooters and where she's going to ride to, 25% of her time adjusting the handlebars, and 10% of her time actually trying to ride it. I'm sure that once she figures out balance she'll be great; however, she is my child so she may never figure out balance and coordination.

Gearin' up


I want to ride my bike now!

Look mom, no hands! (That really is what she said)


The Shill Spill said...

Can I just tell you that Alexis looks much older than she is in that top picture? Wow! She looks like she's 15. (Just in a small body.)
So, no razor scooter soon?

The Adamson Chipmunks said...

I think it must be the age, because Tori is starting to do the exact same thing! She loves to look at her bike and scooter, and she loves to put her helmet on, and she loves to tell everyone that they are hers--but she only attempts to ride them for 2 seconds! Kids!

Anonymous said...

what makes you think you lack balance? weren't you the pogo master when we were kids?

Lisa said...

oh yes, i was the pogo master. But that requires a sort of flailing balance, which is easier to fake. So maybe I've got some balance, but I definitely don't have coordination. You should see me dance.

Shelise said...

Alexis looks so diva-licious in that first picture. I just love it.

maren out my laundry said...

that girl cracks me up!!! I could sit and laugh at her all day. I love the helmet pic! I need to get kristen on a razor, maybe she should figure out her bike first!