Thursday, May 1


Is there anything nutritionally redeeming in watermelon? Because the kids and I just ate about a 1/3 of one for lunch. We ate it because that's my way of pretending that it's not snowing outside right now. On MAY FIRST! It's snowing on May 1st. You don't believe me? Well, I'll take a picture for you. Hang on, let me get my coat...and my hat...and my scarf...and my gloves.
You can imagine what kind of mood this puts me in. Stay far away from Utah, people.

Now for the real reason of my post. This week I taught Alexis' neighborhood preschool for the last time. I had the letter z so I turned to my trusty old Internet friend, Jean Warren. This woman is a preschool genius, and had the following recipe for a snack. So for the young, young at heart, or people who just really love pudding, follow the instructions below and enjoy!

Let your children make their own pudding for snack.
Pour ½ cup milk and ¼ of a package of pudding mix in a small sturdy zip-lock bag.
Zip the top and let your child, push, poke and squeeze his bag until the contents turns to thickened pudding.
An easy way to take the pudding out is to cut a slit across one bottom corner and let your child squeeze their pudding into a bowl.


Anonymous said...

and the best way to get preschoolers to behave is with threats, and the best threat is pouring the pudding on their head

Anonymous said...

what if we can`t stay away from utah

The Shill Spill said...

I'm sure there are days you probably do feel like pouring pudding on my child's head. (I know I do.)
He loved that pudding activity, by the way. Thanks for your creativity. :)