Sunday, December 9

time for that again...

Today the most horrifying thing happened in our family. Probably the worst thing we've had to endure all year. Ready for it?

We attempted to take a picture of Alexis and Tyler,with props, in front of the tree, for Christmas cards.


That's right. I thought to myself, "wouldn't that be cute if we took a picture of just the two of them, with a little santa hat and some reindeer antlers, after church while they are all dressed up?"

Wouldn't it though? It would, if they weren't 1 and 3 and hadn't already been forced to sit relatively still for the 3 hours previous to this photo shoot.

Here's a few samples, neither of which are the one we'll actually send out.

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Bri said...

lisa- it makes me CRAZY when london wont look at the camera. 99% of our pictures are of the side of her face. oh but i keep trying!