Wednesday, December 12


Yesterday I went snowshoeing with my dad. I've strapped on snowshoes once before while I was up at a cabin hanging out by myself all day (if that sounds boring then you don't have toddlers) and Jeremy was snowmobiling with guys from work. I thought it'd be fun to explore a little bit, but I was too worried about falling through the snow and getting stuck there forever, or at least until the snow melts, so I didn't go far.
Back to yesterday. We went up the canyon, put the shoes on and started walking up the road. It was pretty well packed because of snowmobilers, but eventually we took off into the fresh stuff that they can't touch and we followed an animal trail for awhile. Then we headed back down and walked around this little lake that's partly froze over and found this great hill for sledding. Hopefully we'll take the kids there sometime this winter and see what they think of it.
Turns out I like snowshoeing! It's really beautiful to be surrounded by so much sparkling white and the peaceful quiet that is a product of the snow. Who would have thought I'd ever say that? Finally, something I can appreciate about the snow!

Also this week I got an unexplainable urge to go indoor rock climbing. I have no desire whatsoever to climb real rocks, but indoor sounds like fun. I am afraid of heights, so we'll see if I make it more than 10 feet up!


The Shill Spill said...

Wow Lisa! You inspire me! Just like I said last night...right before an hour of rock climbing..."I need friends like you and Shelly to get me out and try new things." :) Thanks for going! I had a blast! Oh! And, don't worry! I can't close my hands completely, nor hold much in my arms. :) Looooooove it!
That snow country in your pictures looks gorgeous!

Jessica Marsaw said...

Lisa! These pictures are beautiful! Wow! Even makes me miss Utah, it was 75 degrees here last week.