Friday, December 14

ENOUGH with the toilet brush already!

That's what I said to Tyler, just 5 minutes ago. I came downstairs for a few minutes when I heard a crash as something hit the landing after flying down the stairs. Alexis had knocked a picture frame down the stairs, and broke the glass. So I went upstairs and there's Tyler and the toilet brush AGAIN! Sometimes I forget to close my bathroom door and Tyler always checks for it. He tries (and often succeeds) to play with the toilet brush daily and that is just disgusting! I'm on my way to the store, and you can bet this is on my list:

Is nothing sacred with these children?

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The Shill Spill said...

I have sooooo invested in throw away toilet wands. (Almost for that same exact reason.) I have two boys who "love" to play in the bathroom and get their hands on anything and everything. Therefore, the old toilet brush is gone. Now, with this new one, they don't even look at it twice. It doesn't catch their attention like the old one. (Probably because it just hangs their off the side of the toilet...blending in with the ceramic of the toilet.) Good luck with that!