Friday, December 14


Happy 50th post to me! Yup, 50 posts and still nothing interesting to say. I read another girls blog who, for her 100th post, decided to list 100 facts about herself. I think that's slightly presumptuous so I'm not going to do that. Besides, I'm not sure I could even make it to 10. Instead I will try and talk about other things having to do with the number 50. And I'm not even going to list the capitols of the 50 states or their state flowers.

*I went to Wal-mart today, fortunately without my kids thanks to mom and dad, and 50 is the number of times I thought to myself "i hate this store". At least 10 of those times were said while waiting for a store clerk to unlock the case that holds their "expensive" jewelry...anything that costs more than $7.88.

*50 is the number of times Alexis cried today...she didn't nap.

*50 is the number of cars we had to wait in line behind to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point.

*And 50 years ago the TV dinner was invented. Actually, I don't know if that's true, but it's a nice segue for the real purpose of this post. (I just looked it up on wikipedia, I was close, they are about 54 years old!) Here's a history of me and TV dinners. When I was younger and we had a babysitter come, my mom would always buy TV dinners for us to eat. It was a huge treat! We'd all run to the freezer, pull them out and decide who gets what kind. My favorite was always Salisbury Steak, but it was pretty popular so I didn't always get it.

(I'd like to meet this person that loved it enough to actually paint a picture of one)

Fast forward 15ish years to Alexis' first experience with TV dinners. She has a book that mentions TV dinners in it and shes been asking what they are, so being the cool mom I am I thought I'd buy them for dinner tonight! I'm telling you, I am just full of great ideas. I mean this way she gets to eat something exciting, and I won't have to cook or have any clean-up. I thought Jeremy would share in my enthusiasm because, after all, I got him the "Hungry Man" dinner that features 1 whole pound of food and includes a brownie! But sadly, he's had bad experiences in his life with TV dinners, so he was not too excited. I don't know what his experiences were, I was too scared to ask, those of you who are braver can. Anyway, here's what I learned from TV dinners tonight:

1. Tyler likes fish sticks.
2. Even a blue tray with separate compartments for the food cannot entice Alexis to eat.
3. Jeremy is the only man that dirties a plate while eating TV dinners.
4. The average sized TV dinner is made to fill up an 11 year old that isn't growing too quickly.
5. The "hungry man" dinner is made to fill up an average 25 year old female with a questionable appetite.

...and finally...

6. My mom saved TV dinners for the babysitter because they are so gross she did not want to have to eat one herself.

*can anyone tell me what the title of my post has to do with anything??


Spud said...

Happy 50th... post. hehe

The Shill Spill said...

Hahaha....can I tell you how funny that post was? I absolutely loved it! Partially because, I can totally relate to the TV dinner scenario's you just ran through. :) And, also because of the '50' things you thought about. :)
We always got TV dinners when my mom and dad were going out too. :) We also got them when my mom was working at and again. But, we didn't get them too often. I loved them mostly for the yummy buttery potatoe's and choclate brownie. :) And, to tell you the truth, Salisbury Steak was my favorite too! :) *(Although, Aaron will eat just about any of the Hungry Man TV dinnerd and not complain, unlike Jeremy.) I'd like to know what happened to him to make him hate them so much. :)
Anyhow, I am pretty sure they aren't my favorite now. And...even so, my kids won't eat them, let alone touch them. (*Sigh*...they are so picky!)
How did you like the lights? Were they better than two years ago? They were so lame then. We decided we'd never go again. Now, Spanish Fork has a pretty good light display, though!
Where did you find that picture of a painted TV dinner? That is hillarious! :) Hahahah!
My guess on the 'L' one of two things. Either your thinking of what letter Alexis learned about in preschool this week. Or, you're thinking of all the 50'L'ooser's you dealt with at Walmart. I don't know. Tell me, please! I am wondering!

Rachel said...

Isn't L the Roman numeral for 50? If I'm right do I win a prize?

Lisa said...

Yup! You win 50 cents! Of course by the time I mail it to you it's only 9 cents...but watch for it!

Anonymous said...

the way i remember it, you always yelled at me whenever i tried to eat your salisbury steak which equals you always got the salisbury steak. that was okay cuz the cheese enchilida was pretty good.

now they all taste like a foul gov't experiment gone wrong.

Dorothy said...

I've got to say lisa, your posts are pretty entertaining. I never knew there was so much to say about TV dinners! Funny. Congrats on the big 50.