Thursday, December 6

kids and their tricks

Last week I taught Tyler how to kick a ball. I suspect he already knew and it was just waiting to be brought out because he's pretty good at it, as you'll see in the video. And as with handedness, he always kicks with his left.

Also in the video is Alexis whistling, which is my favorite thing that she does. You'll notice it's not really a whistle, more of a high pitched yell. Lately she's started putting her fingers in her mouth when she does it, so it's even funnier.

Also, please try and contain your jealous feelings over my yellow scout shirt...we can't all be as cool as me and you might as well accept that now.


The Shill Spill said...

That's Aaaawesome! Hahahah! Jake tries to whistle...just like that. Except...I don't think it's funny anymore. It hurts my ears. I hope you always enjoy her whistle. Plus...I also love to see your son using his left foot. I am partial to lefty's. :) Jake swings left. Lefty's are hard to find these days. :) Maybe he can bring in some $$$ for you some day. :)

TamiRichins said...

Lisa your family is so funny. I love all the silly things Alexis does. she just cracks me up. Kyle watered our christmas tree yesterday by himself by pouring water on our carpet somewhere near the tree! Arn't kids great!

Anonymous said...

i have not seen it yet, but i am sure it will be good!! ;)
(i like your christmas tree!)

shellybellybee said...

That was great. I needed to laugh out loud. My children are driving me crazy. I don't find them funny today, but I definately found yours hilarious, as always.