Tuesday, December 4

a reason why you should have a son BEFORE a daughter, when possible

So you'll never have the opportunity to take a picture of your son playing with this:
while wearing this:
Alexis saw Tyler wearing this (he kept it on for about 35 min) and said, "oooooh, mom, Tyler looks handsome". At least she didn't say pretty, right?

And speaking of pretty, Alexis put her headband on all by herself yesterday morning, and even picked out her red velvet pants to match!Ain't she a beaut? And before you think there's nothing more to this girl than good looks, just know that she can down a bowl of fruity pebbles in 4.3 seconds. Impressive, to say the least.

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The Shill Spill said...

Ummmm...yah, I am pretty sure Aaron would flip out if he saw one of his boys dressing up in girls 'things' and playing with girl toys. (Pretty sure he already does whenever we are at his mom's house.) :) I looooove it!
Awww...Jake and Alexis are meant for eachother! They both love their cereal. :)