Monday, December 3

o tannenbaum...

In keeping with the holiday spirit of giving, Jeremy and I have decided to give our living room away to our new roommate. This guy needed a home and we rarely use our living room anyway, so we thought, "why not?" He's been pretty easy to have around so far, though he does drink a lot. And he's got a bit of a poky personality, but his smell makes up for it. He will hurt the children if I'm not careful, so I do have to watch that, but he's good at keeping them from snooping at the presents. Here he his, CT.Man, I hate pictures of Christmas Trees. They never make the tree look good. I promise our tree is a lot prettier than the picture shows, and we will get another string of lights for the bottom branches. But seriously, this is the biggest tree we've ever had. We went to a tree farm (thanks Tami!), picked it out, they cut it down for us and we brought it home. The trees were the same price no matter how tall, so Jeremy said, "If I'm paying that I want it to touch our ceiling". So it did, and it would have even if we had a hole in our floor 2 feet deep. I felt so...traditional walking around the little tree farm in the snow, picking out the tree I wanted. We usually just buy it at home depot, which is lame, so I loved this. And I know, we didn't actually hike into the mountains and cut down a tree ourselves, but that's not an experience I feel I need to have. Now I'm ready for Christmas!

*Also, I would like Dorothy to notice that it is NOT a bush.


The Shill Spill said...

Wow! It looks like CT is a perfect fit in your family room! :) It looks good to me! (Even if you think it doesn't!)
Congrats on finishing the blanket too! How does Tyler like it? (Or is it a Christmas gift?) I have a blanket I've been trying to finish for about a year and a half now - for Jake. Maybe I'll get it done for this Christmas. Who knows! Guess we'll see!
Hope Tyler is feeling better.
Don't forget...I have Alexis' clip. (Just hope I don't lose it between now and the time you get it.)

Dorothy said...

LOVE IT! And by the way, I appreciate the well written and thought out comedy about the roommate. And you finished the blanket. Way to go super quilter. Maybe one day I'll finish that chennille quilt... maybe not.

TamiRichins said...

yeahhhh! I love it! It's beautiful!! I am glad you went. Lets go together next year!