Saturday, December 1


Look what I finally finished!
I've been making this quilt for Tyler for a month and a half or so and I finally finished it. I'm happy with how it turned out. It's definitely not perfect, but it's the best quilt I've made so far. Now I just have to convince Tyler that it's his favorite blanket...

Yesterday Jeremy had to drive all the way out to Battle Mountain, NV (about 5 hours from here) to switch someone out of a truck. So I drove along with him to help when he got tired and to keep him company. We left the kids with my parents for the day because we'd have to be crazy to put them in the car for 10 hours just for fun. Can I just say that Nevada is pretty ugly? It had some nice mountains, but the valleys are not so great, sorry to all you native Navadanites out there. What is a person from Nevada called? Aaron, Tricia, can you tell me? Here's a fun game that my roommate and I played once while waiting for a plane. Think of the different states and then try and figure out what a person from there is called. Example, someone from Utah is a Utahn. Someone from Oregon is an Oregonian. But some of them are not so easy. Like Massachusetts? A Massachusetter, a massachusetite? And don't say, "A New Englander" because there has to be something more specific.

Here's a list of some that have me stumped. I'll give a candy cane to anyone that can tell me the correct name of a native from all of these states.

1. Massachusetts
2. Arkansas
3. Michigan
4. Wyoming
5. Connecticut

It's been snowing all morning so we went out and played in the snow. It wasn't as terrible as I expected, since I hate the snow. The kids had fun and it was so nice to have Jeremy there too. Here's some pictures.After we came in we had some hot chocolate and later today we'll go and get a christmas tree and decorate!! I hate to admit it but the snow is definitely helping to get us in the Christmas spirit.


Lisa's DaD said...

I can give you some partial help.

Massachusetts - residents of the female gender would be called "massachusettes". I don't know what the males are called - if there are any in that state.

Arkansas - same as people from Kansas but with an "Ar" in front.

Michigan - Michigonians, pronounced MichiGUNEEans.

Wyoming - This is not a state, but a statement made by Wan Lee to his wife Ming when she burned the dinner.

Connecticut - Doesn't apply, there are no people in this state, only trees.

The Shill Spill said...

Favorite Picture: The one of Tyler as "king of the mountain." It seriously made me laugh outloud. (Sorry if it wasn't supposed to.) I just thought it looked very funny! His shortness in stature is what makes it so funny, I think. :)

Wow! What a task! Here's my guesses for the State Names. (Although, I am pretty sure I can't top your dad's responses.):)
Massachusetts:"Chusetts" ???Example: "Yah, I'm a Chusett, why?"
Arkansas: "Arkanian" ???
Michigan: I was close to what your dad said here. I really thought to myself..."Michigonians????"
Wyoming: "Hicks"???
Connecticut: "Con man/woman" ???
Well, there you have it! Smart, aren't I?

Tricia said...

I'm a native NEVADAN...
Let's see-
...those are my guesses.
Can't wait to see you, and YES...NEVADA IS UGLY!!!!

tslowe said...

Hey Lisa, having spent two wonderful years among the people of Michigan, I know for a fact that most like to be called Michiganders or Michigonians.


Lisa said...

michiganders?? really? I never would have thought of that.