Wednesday, December 26

it WAS a merry christmas...

...but now it's over and I've got a major case of post-Christmas wintertime blues. Ugh. I just look out my window and think, "I've got at LEAST 3 more months of these useless freezing cold temperatures and the horrible 'slow-you-down' snow." And it doesn't help that I'm a paranoid snow driver, always convinced that the roads are covered in black ice, so I haven't driven faster than 15 mph in weeks. I might as well be driving one of these for as fast as I'm going:Minus the golf clubs. What's the tread like on those tires?

I shouldn't complain though because I did have a wonderful Christmas. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my family and members of Jeremy's family. I'm not sure how I got so lucky to have first, the awesome family that I come from, but then second, to marry into another incredible family, and third, be blessed with my own amazing family. How's a girl get so lucky?

There's too many pictures to share, so here's just a few.

Does this bag of balls look like trouble to you? It did to me too, but it provided several long minutes of entertainment and wasn't too terrible to clean up (especially if you ignore all the ones that roll under the couch). I believe it even said on the instructions, "Just add laundry basket and kids for hours of entertainment".
And Santa is my hero because he brought this:
A Cinderella Barbie, the perfect combination of Disney Princesses (the thing she was obsessed with up until the week before Christmas) and anything Barbie, which is what she decided to like just before Christmas. Of course this means that now I get to hear "Mom, where's my big Cinderella's little glass shoes?" almost as many times as I hear "why?" in a day. Thanks Santa.

I gave Jeremy an air compressor, and he had no idea it was coming. It came with a set of air tools so I wrapped those up and put them under the tree, but didn't tell him there was anything else hiding at my parents house. So he opened it up and I managed to convince him that I didn't know you needed an air compressor to use them. I believe when he said they needed air I said, "oh, so do you just blow in them or something?" He believed me! I'm trying to not be offended by that.

And I got a stereo so now I can rock out in my living room and not from the computer. I'm very excited about it. One of my favorite gifts, though, was this DVD my sister made. It had a slide show with pictures of our family growing up and some funny videos from our past. It was awesome and something I'll treasure forever.

I hope everyone had just as great of a Christmas. And if you live somewhere warm, please invite me to stay with you for awhile, at least long enough for my fingers to thaw.

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Bri said...

lisa it has been in the middle 60s here and sunny. we would love you all to come for a visit anytime. while you are wanting the warmth i am always wanting snow. girls...we are so hard to please ;)