Sunday, December 23

awesome christmas lights = free chicken

One of my most favorite Christmas traditions is driving around town to look at Christmas lights people have put on their houses. Well, this year we heard about this guy who won some nationwide KFC contest (he now gets free chicken for a year!). He has over 45,000 lights on his house that's choreographed to music. On the news (where we heard about it) they said that every night there's "dozens" of cars lined up to see it. Well, tonight there were "dozens" times 10, and we had to wait about 35 minutes before we could really see it. He lives in a gated community so they kind of patrol the line at the gate and only let a certain amount of cars in at a time. Click here to see his website that has videos of his house on it. And if you are in the area it's definitely worth the wait! He will have it turned off Christmas Eve, and I'm not sure how much longer he'll have it on after that, the website will probably say. It's free but there are donation boxes set up for the Make A Wish Foundation, so take a few bucks!

*Kids will LOVE it. Tyler was mesmerized!

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