Saturday, December 29

proof that annoying IS genetic

My brother and his wife are in town this week, it's been a lot of fun to have them around. Yesterday my brother made an observation that I agree with. One trait that members of our family have honed almost to perfection is the ability to annoy people. Jealous? Don't worry, you can develop it to. It's not that hard really, just observe what bugs people, and then do it...a lot.

I already knew Alexis had it figured out, but apparently Tyler has too.

Me: Tyler, say "mama"

Tyler: dada

M: No, say "mama"

T: dada!

M: mmmmmma mmmmmmma!

T: dada (with a smile and a laugh)

M: come on, I've heard you say it. Just say "MA MA"

T: da-da

M: fine, say "Alexis"

T: das-dis

M: good, now say "ma-ma"

T: da-da

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