Saturday, November 24


This past week has felt like an eternity, but a good eternity. Here's a fill-in.

On Monday Jeremy and I drove to Denver. It took us about 7 hours, and we only stopped twice. Why? Because we had no kids with us. The car was quiet, except when we turned our music up really loud. Why? Because we had no kids with us. We got to Denver, checked into our hotel, got ready for the evening and set out. What did we pack? Warm clothes, that's it. No sippy cups, no diapers, no snacks, no toys, nothing that resembled kid paraphernalia. We walked around the stadium, going where WE wanted, doing what WE wanted and stayed there for hours, long past a kids bedtime. Then we got on the light rail and went home. We contemplated going out or something, but even though we didn't have kids with us at the time, we couldn't escape their training and sleep was calling us. The next morning guess what we woke up to? Nothing, not a sound. No crying, no talking. The plan was to sleep in, so we did, until 8:30 am. Again, we've been trained. When did we have breakfast, not until 11:30 and no one screamed or cried about it!! Can you tell I enjoyed my carefree self?

Now here's a serious report. For those that don't know, Jeremy is a huge Denver Broncos fan. He has been since a little boy and his childhood dream has been to go see them play a game at Mile High stadium. Since they tore that down he made due with a game at Invesco Field @ Mile High.
I am not a football fan, not at all. I think there are a million better things I could be doing than watching a 3 or 4 hour football game. Plus it has a million little confusing rules and I'm afraid that if I learn them something important will fall out of my brain, because it's really not that big. But I have to admit that I had a lot of fun! I think it was mostly fun because I knew how exciting it was for Jeremy. Plus I'm a people-watcher, so if I got bored I just watched all the people around me...there were 76,000 to choose from. Also, I took a book so while all the pre-game stuff was going on I read that. And I got a cool orange hat. Who doesn't like orange?The drive to Denver was really nice, the weather in Denver on Monday was a warm 72 degrees. Can you believe that? I couldn't. The next day was not so warm, but I didn't have to sit outside for hours that day, so I didn't mind. Our seats were about as high up as you could get, but they were still awesome because there was no one behind me to spill beer on me. Jeremy thought that was a weird thing to think about, but he changed his mind when the lady in front of us spilled beer on the lady in front of her.It was an exciting game, and the crowd was really great. They really played up the fact that it's a Monday Night Football game and on ESPN, so they gave everyone orange pompoms and had skydivers drop in and had lots of fireworks and orange balloons. It was all very fun. And the Broncos even won, which made it more fun.

And I will have you know that we passed mile marker 273 in Wyoming and had plenty of gas, and I marveled at the fact that Jeremy has still never gotten mad at me for running out of gas at that spot in the cold nighttime on our way to Iowa back in April. He's great isn't he?Here's a cool picture Jeremy took, the smoke is from the fireworks.
Some of you are wondering what we did with the kids. No we didn't leave them to fend for themselves. Though I had a dream like that was horrifying. Jeremy's parents were in town for Thanksgiving so they watched them for us. I'm not sure I'll ever let them again because my kids did not want me after that! (Except I will let them, that was a joke.) I thought for sure Tyler would at least be happy to see me, but he walked right by me into Jeremy's arms. And Alexis appeared happy to see me but she wouldn't let me touch her or hug her or even talk to her. But the next day when I was about to go outside for a minute and she thought I was leaving her, she got kind of panicky. So I guess that says something.

This post is already really long, I'm not sure I should continue or just save it for later. It's late, maybe tomorrow I'll post about the giving of thanks and Tyler's hand in a urinal. Yeah, that'll get you to come back!


Anonymous said...

considering the other extremities a man sticks in a urinal, is a hand really that bad?

Lisa said...

considering the other extremities is what makes the hand THAT bad.