Monday, November 26


A day later than promised, but here's the post about thanksgiving. Little Ty man had a fever of 103 last night so not much got done. He seems a little better today, no fever at least.

We'll start with Tyler and the urinal because I know you are all so curious. On Wednesday night we went bowling with Jeremy's family and it was a lot of fun. The kids were both being pretty good but it was getting late and Tyler was tired so I was trying to find ways to entertain him. Finally I decided to just let him walk around and he headed straight for the mens room. I thought about running in after him but Jeremy was close by so I just asked him to go get Tyler, and then I thought to myself and probably said out loud, "he's going to find him with his hand in a urinal". I was close. After a few minutes Jeremy comes out and announces that by the time he got in there Tyler had picked up one of the blue urinal cakes and was walking around with it! GROSS! The minute he saw Jeremy he threw it, like he does with everything. I didn't think to ask then, but I'm wondering now, did Jeremy pick up the urinal cake and put it away or did he leave it on the ground? Hmmmmm. Anyway, it was fun overall and Alexis only got her finger smashed in the ball return once!

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Jeremy's parents and two brothers drove out from Iowa, then his sister came down from BYU-I, and his brother and two other sisters and their families all came to our house for Thanksgiving. It wasn't as crowded as it sounds and it was fun to have everyone together. I did realize, though, that I am not equipped to prepare food for 13+ people! Thankfully I have a good neighbor who let us borrow some pans, and her oven, and a table and chairs.

I thought about putting on a list of all the things I'm thankful for because I've been thinking about that lately, but it would be long, and in-depth, and I've already gotten emotional enough on this blog for one year. But just know that I'm thankful for lots of things, I've been very blessed in my life.

Last night we made our annual Christmas countdown chain. This is only the second year we've done it, but I think that counts as annual. Last year I got this idea to make a chain so Alexis has some visual to help her see how soon Christmas is, but I didn't want to lose the spirit of Thanksgiving either, so on each link we put a picture of something we're thankful for. I think last year was a little easier because Alexis didn't realize that things in the magazines are for sale, but she knows this year. So every time she saw something she wanted she'd say, "I'm thankful that I can get this for Christmas". But we eventually got through it, and here's something she's thankful for that I couldn't find a picture of last night:Don't worry, she's thankful for Jesus and her family too.

Here's a cute picture of Tyler with a mini broncos football Jeremy got him. He loves it and carries it everywhere! And he's wearing his broncos jersey, which thanks to his cool Aunt Tricia and Uncle Anonymous, he's got another one when he grows out of this one!

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The Shill Spill said...

Does he ask to sleep with the football yet? Don't worry! If he hasn't yet...he soon will. :) We already deal with that issue nightly.
I was thinking about doing a chain count down with Jake as well. Do you just just construction paper? Anyhow, adding things he is thankful for is a GREAT idea! I might just use that! Thanks!