Tuesday, October 16

yellow and a poll

So kids eat weird things. Every kid does it, but sometimes I wonder if Alexis cannot taste. I mean, she eats plain lemons, she eats spicy food that I can't handle, she eats other crazy things that will be shown in the following pictures. And then she doesn't eat some really tasty foods. So here's my theory. She eats things based on what they look like, not what they taste like. And I'd say that if it's yellow, that's even better. Example, a lemon. Slice it up and she'll eat it plain. That's yellow and looks like fun, but it sure doesn't taste fun.
What's that? Why, it's mustard. Straight mustard being squeezed directly into her mouth. And yes, she asked for more.

Is that a chicken nugget that shes dipping into the bbq sauce and mustard together? No, it's an apple slice! She ate like 7 apple slices, all with one of those three (or a combination of the three) condiments on it, and not a single chicken nugget.

Also, one time I had a box of macaroni and cheese that had a white sauce instead of the traditional yellow. Would she eat it? No. She cried and cried because she wanted yellow macaroni and cheese. So being the clever mom I am, I put yellow food coloring in it and she ate it right down. Maybe if I find a pair of glasses with a yellow tint in the lens and make her wear them for every meal we could eliminate our food woes. Hmmm.

On a different note I hope you've noticed by now that I've changed my background again. If some of you haven't checked this in a week or so than you missed the bright pinkness that I had here for a few days. I feel sorry for you (because I liked it) but there are several readers out there who did not like it. I thank them for expressing their opinions and this time I've given you all the option of telling me how you feel with an official poll. Please vote, it's on the side of the blog. If you are under 18, feel free to share your opinions with me in the comments section, but don't vote. If the government doesn't feel you are responsible enough to vote for our leaders, I don't think I can trust you with this heavy of a decision either. Actually, I don't know if anyone under 18 even reads this, maybe Eric, but I hope he knows I'd make an exception for him since he's a responsible 17.


The Shill Spill said...

I love the new look to your blog Lis. It looks good. I hope my vote counts. :)
I also love that Alexis is so drawn to yellow things. Does she take to yellow objects more than normal as well? (Like clothes, or toys, etc...)
Looks like Tyler had a awesome birthday party. That's great that he would just laugh and smile when you would say "Happy Birthday!" I love that! You should have got that recorded! :) I would have loved to have seen that.

Anonymous said...

what are alexis's feelings towards urine?

Lisa said...

Well, lately her feelings have been that she likes it more on the floor than in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

i read the same thing about ghandi. maybe she'll grow up to overcome adversity through disobediance....wait, doesn't she do that already?

Anonymous said...

Eric doesn't read them, I do.
Can I vote????

Lisa said...

Sure Trent, you are the most responsible 10 year old I've ever met.