Monday, October 15

ty guy's birthday

Well, the birthday came and went and I think Tyler had fun. I'm sure he had no idea what was going on, but anytime anyone said "Happy Birthday" to him he got a big grin on his face--apparently he thinks that phrase is funny.

We spent the morning with our friends Kole & Dorothy (and kids) doing our annual canyon trip with a twist. Due to the cold and rain we ate breakfast inside at McDonald's (or Old McDonald's if you ask Alexis) and then we all drove in the same car (Jeremy rented an Expedition) through the Alpine Loop to look at the leaves. It was fun and the kids were great, despite the chorus of crying that happened in the first 5 minutes. And I now know that I will never buy an Expedition for two reasons, a) I don't have $40,000 and b) every time I got in that car it made me nauseous.

Then, later in the evening, we had family over and Tyler opened his presents and we all had cake and ice cream. Here are a few pictures:

Go Broncos! Thanks Uncle Aaron and Aunt Tricia, we (especially Jeremy) love it!A bat and a ball...what more could he ask for?

Half of his new snowsuit...I sure hope he likes sitting in the snow because I'm not sure he'll be able to walk in it while wearing this! But cool nonetheless.

I don't think he understood that he could eat this. He didn't like that it stuck to his hand, and we had to force cake into his mouth...
but once he figured it out...
he became a huge mess. He likes ice cream too!

Thanks to everyone that came and thanks for his gifts. We're grateful for new toys to keep him busy (and so he can stop playing with pink girly toys), and new clothes to accentuate his studliness.


Becky said...

I wish that I could eat cake and then bath myself with the leftovers.... those were the days! (sigh)... your baby is so cute!!
Miss ya Lisa!

Dorothy said...

cute that Alexis calls it "old mcdonalds" Kolbe calls it "mcLdonalds"