Sunday, October 21

check the date--yup, it's still october

This is what we woke up to this morning. Actually I didn't notice it until I had been out of bed for about an hour, because if I had noticed it earlier you can bet I would not have gotten up. Most of you that read this live here in Utah so you saw the same thing. Is anyone out there actually happy about the snow? Thank goodness the sun is out now, and as soon as I'm done with this I'm going to sit on the floor in the living room and soak up the sun coming in through the window.

In other news:

*Alexis' front tooth is turning brown! I was worried something like this would happen after her big fall a few weeks ago. So my weekend has been spent mourning for that tooth.

*We went to a children's museum in Salt Lake with some friends. Tyler became the youngest fire chief in history. It's a good thing he's got great leadership skills because he can't drive the truck or even lift the hose to actually stop any fires.
*At the same museum Alexis planted carrots and Tyler immediately pulled them out. This isn't really news, its just a variation on their daily routine of Alexis doing something and Tyler ruining it.
*I finished a book called "The Goose Girl" that I loved and is definitely one of my all time favorites. It's technically Young Adult Fantasy, but it was so great. If you're big into fantasy you probably wouldn't like it because it's on the mellow side of fantasy. But again, I loved it and would recommend it to everyone except that I don't like recommending books that I like this much. Go figure.
*Jeremy spoke in church today. You can ask him about when he actually remembered that he was supposed to speak in church today.

*Tyler had his one year check-up and weighs 22 pounds.

*We hung a decorative skeleton in the archway to the you can guess how many times I've walked into that already.

*Alexis came home from school on Wednesday and told me, "mom, so-and-so was fighting with me and I just walked away". I cannot tell you how happy and proud I was to hear that! I've been trying to teach her that instead of hitting a kid back or yelling at them or crying, she should just walk away and find something else to do. So to see that something stuck with her enough that she remembered to do it when the time came...that's just great!

I'm off to enjoy the sun while the house is quiet.


Anonymous said...

i hope all mothers are like you. that way i can teach my kid that if they ever want anything for themselves, fight with the other kids and they'll run away.

Lisa said...

yeah but if they are your kids they won't have enough muscle tone to even put up a good fight.

The Shill Spill said...

First of all, I Love the pictures! (Tyler, the fire chief, looks awesome!) :)Second, I am soooooo not ready for the snow. (So glad it melted.) Third, sorry to hear about Alexis' tooth. I haven't noticed it. And, I didn't even know you were worried about it. :( And last, but certainly not least...Too bad I can't get anything I teach Jake to stick in his head. (Other than -- "ALWAYS wash your hands after you go potty. Even if your hands don't get dirty.") He's pretty good about that. :) Phew! (*Wipe brow*)

jerm said...

i'm teaching my kids to pee on any kid that wants to fight them.