Sunday, September 9

...goodbye summer...

Summer is ending...fall is coming...then gloomy winter. I really don't like the winter, I especially don't like the snow. Sure, it's pretty, but that's all its got going for it. However, I do like fall, it's always nice to have cooler temperatures after the blistering heat. And today I remembered the best thing about fall...THE HAMMOCK!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE sitting in my hammock (it probably has something to do with my extreme laziness). We have a tiny yard, literally like 10 sq. feet, but for my birthday last summer Jeremy cemented posts on either end of the yard and bought me a hammock. It's easy to put up and take down and it's the best present I've ever gotten. Anyway, Alexis likes to sit in the hammock and read books with me. And today I took Tyler out there and he loved it too (though the picture doesn't convince you of that), as long as I kept swinging. It's a good thing I remembered about the hammock because I was pretty sad about the pool closing. And I'm really sad about winter coming but I'm trying to listen to what my dad told me. He said to make sure I don't dread the winter so much that I completely forget to enjoy fall. So here are some things that make fall fun:
*playing at the park without receiving 3rd degree burns from the slides
*leaves (especially since I don't have any trees, thus no raking)
*taking walks as a family in the evening
*annual KFC/canyon trip with Kole & Dorothy
*season premieres
*Tyler's 1st birthday!

And because I love summer soooo much I need to wish it a proper farewell. Here's my favorite things from this last summer:
*the trip to Lake Powell, obviously, since I wish I could live there. Thanks to my awesome in-laws for taking us and introducing me to something so great
*hiking with my dad, though I definitely wish I could have done more of it
*wearing shorts
*Tyler learning to crawl...then very quickly learning to walk
*Jeremy's awesome father's day tie that Alexis made (see picture)
*visits from Aaron & Tricia
*visits from Jeremy's family
*wearing flip flops
*totally awesome fireworks shows put on by my parents and Jeremy and I
*watching Jeremy fish
*the alpine slide (Jeremy liked it so much he left part of himself there)
*Rachel moving home
*Lehi Round-up Rodeo with the Shill's, of course
*Alexis' birthday party
*the birth of another nephew and finally realizing what a miracle birth and the human body really is

Alright Fall, I'm ready for you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,

I am legal counsel for Winter. You're blog posting clearly slanders my client. Please remove your ridiculous accusations immediately. If you do not cease your offensive actions, i will be forced to take the matter to court. and rest assurd, Fall has already agreed to testify in my clients behalf. They have an intimate relationship.

Sincerely Yours,
S. Clause, Esq.

Lisa said...

I'm sorry Winter. I take back all that I said. I love you. And it's lucky for you S. Clause that my brother is still in law school and not yet an actual lawyer cause otherwise my response would have been "bring it on fatso".

Dorothy said...

Yeah, We've already been getting excited about the annual canyon trip. We better get it scheduled. I'm sooo excited about fall. Love the fall. Summer = way too hot especially if you don't have a pool.

The Shill Spill said...

Lis -- You are the awesomest blogger ever! I can't get enough of what you write about. I think you were a journalist in another life. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see more. :) Although, I am sad to see that I'm not on that Summer list. :) Lol! Just kidding! (Makes no sense, I know! I'm weird, okay!? I admit it!)

Lisa said...

Tiff, check it out, I edited it. How could I forget?

The Shill Spill said...

Hahaha....very nice Lis! I love it! How could you forget the good ol' cowboy night of the summer...with the Lehi Round-up? Thanks for adding us to your awesome summer list. :) Have a good one.