Wednesday, September 5

Where did the time go?

How did Alexis go from this:
to this: no time at all? I'm practically in tears here because my little baby went to preschool for the first time today. You probably are all reading this and saying, "get over it Lisa, it's just PRESCHOOL, wait until Kindergarten starts." Well, I know, I'm telling myself the same thing. But I still can't believe it! I leave her in nursery every week for two hours and I don't have a problem with it, but this is SCHOOL...or a watered down version of it anyway. There was a little table with puzzles set up, and name tags, scissors, little carpet squares to sit on, markers, other kids, and a TEACHER (well, it's a neighborhood preschool so none of us are certified...but still)! There's about a million things I could be worrying about right now: will the other kids be nice to her, will she be nice to the other kids? Will she listen to the teacher? Will she cry if she misses me? Will she miss me? Will she have fun? Instead all I'm thinking is, "I hope she doesn't pee on the floor." Well, I guess I better pull myself together and enjoy what quiet time I do have while she's gone and Ty Guy's napping. Oh I really really hope she doesn't pee on the floor.

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The Shill Spill said...

You do sound so sad Lis. Are you crying? :) I love her book you made. I still have to put one together for Jake. I LOVED your Labor day story! The pictures are amazing! I especially love the two of Tyler (In his car seat, and all dirty.) I need some pictures like that.:)