Tuesday, September 4

Labor Day

So they say it's important for married couples to share a hobby or two, but Jeremy and I don't. Wait let me think about it again...nope, nothing. However, Jeremy has been able to trick me into joining him in one of his hobbies several times. Off-roading. More specifically off-roading in a truck when I am the passenger. I like it on ATV's, and I like it if I'm driving the truck, but I do not like it when I'm riding in the truck. Why not, you ask? Here's some reasons:
1. I don't like moving 10 mph for hours at a time.
2. It gives me heartburn (or at least it did yesterday)
3. I think that my insides are in the best place possible and I don't enjoy feeling like they are moving around. Someday someone is going to operate on me and my intestines are going to be where my spleen is supposed to be. I don't know where either of those things are really, but I'd like them to stay in one place.
4. You become extremely aware of how much fat you have on your body, especially if its on your stomach, because it's jiggling nonstop.

Also, have you ever watched your kids try to sleep while off-roading? It's just sad. Here's a picture of Tyler with some "shock absorbers" I made for him. His poor head was bouncing from one side of the seat to the other so I tried to shorten the distance it had to go.

I guess in all fairness to Jeremy, he didn't really trick me, we just have different understandings of the sentence, "There's this road I want to drive on". But when he shows up with a truck it becomes very clear to me that he doesn't mean the nice paved road I had envisioned. In the end it's fun to be with my family, the kids are always good sports about it, and there's something to be said for being so far away from everyone else and enjoying beautiful stuff like this:
Looking at that picture made me realize that we do have a common interest, we both love the outdoors. After our drive we met up with Jeremy's mom and sisters and their families for a BBQ. It's a good thing I don't have any issues with dirt because after about 20 minutes Tyler looked like this:
We had a good time, we ate (smores!), threw rocks in the river, and Alexis even braved the rapids to stand on a rock. We're so lucky to have great families that we enjoy doing stuff with.
And that was our Labor Day!

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