Wednesday, September 12

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can

For anyone who loves the classic story "The Little Engine That Could", I recommend this version of it with pictures by Loren Long. It's the same original story, but with newer, more appealing pictures. Alexis LOVES this book, in fact I just finished reading it to her and thought I'd pass the good word along. The story gets kind of long in some parts (for a 3 year old anyway) so the pictures are great to keep her attention because there's lots to look at. And while I'm on the subject of recommending children's books, here's another one of my favorites. It's still a little long and old for Alexis, but she will sit through it. My sister gave it to her when she was born and I just think the story is really fun. It's called "Goodnight Opus" by Berkeley Breathed. Just thought I'd share these, because who doesn't love a good children's book?


Dorothy said...

Nice, I'll check those out from the library. My sister just wrote up a thing on her blog about favorite childrens books. Here is the site

If I was cool, I would make that a link, but i'm not. Good old copy and paste. Anyway, I just checked out "knuffle bunny" from the library, one that she recommended. Its the best. You've got to read it if you haven't already

Rachel said...

Just so you all know. Her sisters name is Rachel!