Thursday, February 9

February already?

I'm sure you're tired of hearing about the crazy, dry and relatively warm winter Utah has had. So I won't expound on that, other than to say that it snowed one afternoon/evening, so the kids begged and begged to go play in the snow. We bundled up after dinner and played in a measly amount of snow in our measly backyard.

Alexis spent the time building miniature snowmen.

Tyler wore pink gloves and threw a million snowballs.

Ryan refused to wear gloves and ate half of the snow in the backyard.

Jeremy has kept busy with a few building projects lately. He made a new TV stand for our living room. I love it because it holds a lot more stuff (for Ryan to get into) and gets the TV up higher and a little more out of the line of fire (of balls, toy cars, and anything else Ryan throws).

After he finished that he and Alexis built a bed for her precious doll, Josephina. Then I helped her make a mattress and a blanket for the bed as well.

This week for a homework assignment Alexis had to write a journal entry about what she loves about her parents and what they do for her. She wrote for a minute about Jeremy and then said, " I can't think of what mom does for me." You can believe I was quick to spout off a long list of what exactly I do for her. But perhaps I overwhelmed her because she summed it up by saying, "My mom takes care of me", and then later threw in a sentence about me being pretty, probably to soothe my injured pride.

Last week I deactivated my Facebook account in an effort to spend less time engaged in mindless entertainment. Hopefully that means I'll get around to posting her more often. Either that or I'll gain a Pintrest addiction.


Mary said...

I deactivated my Facebook account for a couple of months. It was so nice! Then when I got back on Facebook, I had broken the habit of checking it every day, so I find that it is no longer time consuming. I now just occasionally check in and don't feel like I'm missing out :). (Although, it's true that I do use Pinterest more than I used to (it's not as addicting as Facebook though)).

Jessica M said...

I'm so impressed by Jeremy's projects. They look great!

Becky said...

I was inspired by you! I took Facebook off my phone and my computer is in my basement so I'm not on it nearly as often and all of the sudden I'm much more productive. I am on pintrest, but I love that it makes me want to do things not sit mindlessly.

Shauna said...

Totally impressed by Jeremy's wood working skills. You think we could hired him to make some stuff for us? Wanna come to Albania ;)