Thursday, March 15

8 (or 9) things

The other night I sat down to blog but my heart just wasn't in it. My heart (and time) is stretched in a lot of different directions these days and it doesn't seem to have much leftover for this old blog of mine. So then my would-be post turned into a tirade about how it seems like I don't have enough time to do everything that I need to, but I never posted it because I ran out of time to finish it. See how life is these days?

However, it's good I didn't post it because I'm over that now. But I am going to try a little reverse psychology on myself. And this is it:

Once upon a time I blogged often. Once upon a time my blog was semi-entertaining. Once upon a time I wrote about things my kids did that I want to remember. But life changes, and that time has passed. So I'm releasing myself from feeling guilty if I haven't blogged in awhile. If I don't get around to it, oh well.


(My hope is that now that I've made this less of an obligation, I'll want to blog more...)

Now onto important business.

1. It's been about 5 weeks since I closed my facebook account and I don't miss it. I do miss keeping up on some people's news, but most of it I don't actually miss. And I have been spending less time on the computer, which was part of the reason I did it.

2. Ryan is obsessed with trucks. Monster trucks, more specifically. And I'm not using the word "obsessed" lightly. It's the first word out of his mouth in the morning, the last word out of his mouth before sleep at night, and it's 90% of the words said in between too. And he's generally carrying one in his hand. If I ever want him to sit still all I have to do is find videos of monster trucks on YouTube.

3. What did parents do before YouTube?

4. Tyler may make me pull all my hair out before he starts kindergarten in the fall, which would be quite the feat because I have a lot of hair on my head. I love the kid (really really really love him), but he's going through a "phase". It's a tough phase. But there are a few times when I still see the sweet Tyler come out and that's how I know we'll get through this rough patch. Plus sometimes in the afternoons I lay down on his bed with him to try and get him to sleep (but I'm the only one that ever actually falls asleep), and it's the highlight of my day. A few weeks ago Jeremy and I were able to take Tyler and Jeremy's brother Trent to a BYU basketball game. Tyler had fun for the first 30 minutes, then he played games on my phone because he was bored.

5. What did parents do before Angry Birds on their cell phones?

6. Alexis has spent the last few weeks building a leprechaun trap with some of the neighbors, and it's massive. They took several old boxes and taped them all together and have been decorating it, making furniture for it, etc. I think she'll be pretty disappointed when she doesn't catch a leprechaun, but I guess it'll build character. Although rumor has it that his hat might fall off and get left in the trap, so hopefully that'll be enough for her.

7. Jeremy's cousin is working on a really cool Eagle Scout project. He's set up a benefit concert to raise funds for the U of U Burn Center, and Jon Schmidt is performing. So if you are interested in attending, check it out here.

8. Also, I've been "off" sugar for about a week and a half, and I'm trying to go for another 3 weeks, or longer. I've always wondered what people meant when they said they were going off sugar, and I'm still figuring it out for me, but basically I don't eat desserts and candy that are made with processed white sugar, or anything containing high fructose corn syrup. The third day was the hardest, and tonight was a little challenging because someone brought us sugar cookies (which are my favorite), but I've managed to resist. And I have noticed a difference in my energy levels, which is part of the reason I'm doing it.


Krissy said...

Oops! I guess you're not so lucky the young women love you. Our bad, our bad.

Tricia and Aaron said...

Stephanie Nielsen also plugged Jace on her blog...

Tricia and Aaron said...

Darla said...

I heard about that Jon Schmidt concert! Wish we lived in Utah (but not really) so we could go! Good for you for getting off facebook and sticking with it. I've done it probably ten times.., the first time I stayed off it the longest-a few months. It's difficult when I live on the other side of the country than all my family (and many friends!). And one last thing-let me know how the sugar-free fast goes for you. I'm ALL FOR IT..wish I could do it myself. I've tried many times. ;) "Sugar Blues"-very good book to read. Written many years ago and has a lot of interesting info. on sugar-before anyone knew the harm of it!