Tuesday, August 9

Navajo Lake

A few weeks ago we took our kids camping with my family down in Cedar City, by Navajo Lake. I have too many pictures from it that I couldn't not share.
My mom found this little motorized car somewhere and fixed it up for the kids. Alexis and Tyler loved it, but it was really the perfect size for Ryan. He loved pushing the button to make it go.
But of course he doesn't understand the concept of steering, so he would go in circles or end up in the grass.
There was fishing. Boring, boring fishing.
Ryan fell down or tripped once every minute and got pretty dirty, but was a good sport about it. He was teething and had a serious diaper rash on his bum, that combined with the cold at night meant he really didn't sleep well in his bed. But once we put him in our sleeping bags he slept fine, which means Jeremy and I didn't. Oh well, you get used to being tired and carry on. (That sounds like a perfect description of parenthood.)
We went on a pretty, kid friendly, short hike. You could see for eternity from this viewpoint.
Tyler got dirty. That's his main objective when he's outside.
Alexis loves to camp. Both kids think sleeping in their sleeping bags is the biggest treat in the world. On this trip my mom printed up songbooks with some fun songs in it and Alexis loved to sit and sing them all.My cute niece, Celeste. She lives in Las Vegas so we don't see her much, but we LOVE her.
My brother brought his dog, Brutus. I can't even explain how happy Ryan was whenever Brutus was around. He was even happier that Brutus was always tied up so he couldn't run away from him. He's a very patient dog, fortunately.

Thanks to my family for the fun trip! Maybe next I'll get around to posting pictures from Jeremy's family reunion that was a whole month before this trip.


Tricia and Aaron said...

Thanks for posting. I stole the last two pics. Can't wait to see you guys again!

Jessica M said...

We've been trying to motivate ourselves to take the kids camping - hasn't happened yet. But you inspire me! Maybe we'll finally make it this fall.