Wednesday, July 27

this was bound to happen at some point

The other night Alexis put her shirt on Ryan. It's a form fitting shirt, so it curved his belly nicely, cut off his arms in a girly place, and hit around his knees, just like a cute little black dress.

Then she put her headband on him to make the outfit complete. And he looked like a cute, chunky, little girl.

It could have been a lot worse, like poor old Tyler got it when he was around this same age.

But Alexis now wants to try all her clothes on him, so I'm sure it will get worse. I'll keep you updated.


Mama Hegji said...

The black brings out his blue eyes so much and really shows off his tan! He's cute no matter what he wears!

Jessica M said...

Ah, big sisters.

Kara said...

He looks pretty cute, I think you should try for another girl!

Adam and Rachael said...

I thought you were going to say someone broke a bone or something with that title!---so dressing him up as a girl is no big deal. :) He looks cute!

Darla said...

He's SOO Cute, Lisa! Love that chunky boy. And your blog is the best. Wish I had time to read it more often.