Sunday, October 10


It's been a busy week, and this next week is going to be even busier, but I was looking at pictures that encouraged me to write a bit about my Ty-guy.

He'll be 4 on Wednesday. Like all birthdays my children have, this one has crept up on me and I simply cannot believe he is really 4. I still think of him as my baby (even though I have an actual other baby) but he in fact isn't a baby. He is less snuggly. He doesn't kiss me and hug me like he used to. He knows things only big kids know. He can ride a bike with no training wheels. He knows how to use a mouse and an iTouch. He can sit and listen to long books. He knows songs--though he won't sing them. He is really getting old.

Here are four recent pictures that show so well who Tyler is.

This first was taken last weekend as we celebrated all the October birthdays in Jeremy's family-Tyler, Ashley and Mike. See the face Tyler is making? That's the face he makes when people are looking at him and he's gotten shy. He sticks his tongue out like that and makes a funny little smile. He also does it if he thinks you are laughing at him.

Here he is playing a dinosaur game that his grandma gave him. He loves his dad, and he loves dinosaurs. Therefore, this is like heaven for him.

Worn hole in his pajamas--toe sticking out. Raggedy nails (please don't judge me for those), and dirty toes. Plus a fist full of silly bands.

Unfortunately this picture represents his mood lately. Tyler has a very sweet heart, but lately he's been a handful. His primary leader said it best today, "He is the sweetest boy. He's just very sweet. But he is still a boy!" We've experienced a lot of changes lately and he seems to be taking them the hardest. Unfortunately he has a serious case of middle child syndrome going on. I'm doing my best to rectify the situation, so hopefully things will change soon. But lately his face looks like this a lot.

But despite that look that I see a lot, I love having Tyler around me all day. Sometimes he gets bored, sometimes he gets whiny, but mostly he says funny stuff, he takes good care of his brother, he asks a lot of good questions (in his really cute voice and with his funny inflections), and he points out the obvious--which is always fun. He also doesn't seem to mind that we've given him about 30 weird nicknames (Ty-guy, Tig, Tiggle, Tiggy, Tiggy Wig, etc.).

Ah, that's better. Who could not love that face?

The thing I know as sure as day, is that our family would be nowhere near as great if Tyler weren't a part of it. He's shown us that every single day for the last four years!

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Ashley said...

LUV LUV LUV tig!!! but i do not luv luv luv that picture of me! no bueno!