Saturday, October 2


Remember a few weeks ago I showed you the bed Jeremy built and I mentioned that he was going to build nightstands next? Well, here they are.

Jeremy wanted me to make sure I give credit to the website where he got the plans. This website has hundreds of free plans, so if you've ever wanted to try your hand at building something, we'd recommend this site:

Here's a direct link to the plans for the bed, and here's the link for the nightstands (Jeremy changed the measurements for ours).

Needless to say, I LOVE my bedroom furniture now (with the exception of the dresser), and it's amazing how I actually want to make my bed now!

As a side note:
I was only going to post two of these pictures, but Jeremy likes all three and his response to that was, "You post a million pictures on your blog but you can't just post three pictures for me?"

I suppose I can, but he better not ask for anything else for at least a year--he is getting extremely demanding!


Lindsey said...

Awesome! The room looks GREAT! We remodeled our bedroom a couple months ago and I just want to lay in bed all day (well, even more than before) so I totally get you being ok with making your bed because of it.

The Olsen Family said...

I love them. I can't wait to have him make us some. YEA!

Jessica M said...

I love knock off wood! Seriously, I'm obsessed with the site. I have a whole folder of things I want to build. Tell Jeremy he's inspiring! The new furniture looks great.