Saturday, June 26

Ryan lately

Ryan's going through a bit of "phase".

He sleeps a lot and keeps odd hours. He doesn't speak to us and hardly responds when we talk to him.

His forehead is riddled with acne buds. He's gained weight, most noticeably around his thighs, and he's got enough gas to fuel a small automobile. Or at the very least, a lawnmower.

Fortunately, at 3 weeks old, all these things are still adorable.

Unfortunately, he'll probably be going through the same "phase" about 15 years from now.


Karly said...

What a cutie!!!! I love his little cheeks. I wish I could meet this little guy before he gets much bigger. :)

shellybellybee said...

I love it. He the cutest mix of Alexis and Tyler.

Lisa said...

ryan's attraction to breasteses will also be the same 15 years from now!

Adam and Rachael said...

Cute picture! Just enjoy every phase!

Deanna said...

About the 15 years later. . .you have no idea how right you are! Just add attitude- and your dead on! Still lovin the blog.

Jessica M said...

He is adorable! How are you holding up with three kids? I'm loving it but whew, I feel like it's all I can do to stay afloat these days.