Wednesday, March 24


Oh am I tired.

That is life these days. Tired, tired, and more tired.

With some sewing thrown in. And a few other projects.

And the ever present, ever loud, ever messy children.

Here's a question: Have my kids always been this messy, or does it just seem worse because it's so painful to bend over and help them clean up?

Here's some interesting facts about Alexis:
-She has bitten her lip three times today. Three! And every time she screams like the world is ending.
-She called Tyler "Chubby Buns" the other day and I'm pretty sure it's the best nickname I've heard yet.
-Today she told me that her class needs 5 mom volunteers for a field trip but that I am forbidden to go because she wants it to be special.
-Also today she was "hula" dancing and it was one of the cutest things I've seen her do. She tied two capes around her waist to act as her hula skirt, and a thin necktie around her chest area to support her you-know-what's. And if it weren't so revealing I'd show you all a picture.

Here's some interesting facts about Tyler:
-He does indeed have "Chubby Buns", but they are getting decidedly less chubby as he gets taller and less baby like.
-He is also very tired today, which means he likes to snuggle with me more and listen to me less.
-He is one of the most loyal brothers I have ever seen and also one of the scariest T-Rex's I have ever seen.
-He likes to help me with whatever I'm doing--whether it's sewing, cooking or cleaning.
-While I'm watching Jeopardy he asks every 5 minutes if it's over and who won. When it is over he has to know who won and is often times upset because it wasn't the person he wanted to win. (He never wants the girls to win--only the boys.)

Here's some interesting facts about me:
-I have zero interest in going on a field trip with a bunch of kindergartners. Too stressful for me, I'd spend every other second counting kids to make sure I have them all.
-I've done pretty well at keeping up with my dishes and keeping my kitchen clean for about a week!
-I get to see some of my good friends from college this next week and I can't wait!
-Next week I'm going on a 4 wheeling trip with Jeremy and his parents and brother. There will be no bathrooms (maybe a port-o-potty if I'm lucky) and I'll be sleeping in a tent. I will also be 30 weeks pregnant. I'm a little nervous (or a lot depending on the time of day and my hormones!)
-I have begun reading "Anna Karenina" and hope to actually make it all the way through.

Here's some interesting facts about Jeremy:
-He had the Rhino painted black because someone offered to do it for free. It looks cool.
-He's getting stuck with the kids a lot over the next five days but he hasn't complained. (Maybe I should give it a few days...)
-He graciously offered to build some sort of portable bathroom enclosure for our trip.
-Those are all the facts I have about him because he doesn't talk much and I don't see him much more than that.

And now I have filled my blogging quota for the week--too bad it wasn't more interesting. And just because everything is less lame when a picture is involved, here's one of Tyler helping me make pizza dough.


Scooby and Jon said...

You are a brave woman to go toiletless at 30 weeks pregnant. Or maybe a little crazy.
Maybe both?

Amy said...

But, it WAS interesting, and entertaining too! Good luck with the toilet issue!