Friday, March 26

Alexis' no good, very bad day

Alexis is having a bad day, and I feel really sorry for her.

Yesterday she was perfectly fine, but this morning she woke up and her eyes were crusted shut from gunk pouring out of them all night. And she has puffy eyes and a runny nose. The doctors office called in some antibiotic eye drops for her, and even though her eyes aren't quite so gunky anymore, I'm afraid she is still contagious.

I told her this morning that she wouldn't get to go to school, and though she was sad she was okay with it. But I just barely called the school to excuse her and I guess that's when she remembered what today was. Today is the last day for the student teacher that's been in her class. They were going to have a party and Alexis really wanted to tell her goodbye. She cried and cried and cried, and I even cried for her! Please remember I'm hormonal, but she just sat there sobbing in my lap and there was nothing I could do to really make it better. I know she'll probably forget all about it in a few days, but that doesn't make the moment of sadness she feels any less painful for her or me.

And tonight she was supposed to go eat at Carl's Jr. (with a play place!) with her dad and brother and some friends, but she probably won't be doing that either. Poor girl.

And to top it all off she has to have eye drops in her eyes!

The bright side is that I let her have a doughnut for lunch. She needed it.

And I had a cinnamon roll for lunch. It's snowing--I needed it.

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Reynolds Family said...

Oh, Alexis! I'm so sorry; what a sad day. I said a little prayer that your day will get better soon. You too, Lisa.