Tuesday, February 2


Jeremy basically hates that picture of Tyler from my last post--so I suppose it is possible to look at it without laughing. It doesn't look anything like Tyler, which I think is why he doesn't like it. But anyway, I figured I better post something new so that's not what pops up every time he pulls up my blog. P.S. regarding Tyler, we cut off his Mohawk (and the scab from his head wound in the process--oops!). We're all much happier without it, though I have a deep love for the Mohawk. But Tyler didn't and hated having it fixed. My policy is that I can only fight with one child about hair, and so Alexis is left the job (which she does quite well).

Another P.S. regarding Tyler, he also hates Primary. I'm sure that will change once he gets used to it, but for now he makes our Sunday mornings fun. Not.

So, are any of you list makers? Because I have turned into a full fledged list maker. I've always know about myself that I do better when I can see in writing the things I need to accomplish. But like most things, I don't do anything about it until an opportunity falls into my lap. Fortunately, awhile ago I won a bunch of notepads like the one you see below:

This weekly planning pad has changed my life. Well, it's made it more efficient at least. I put down all the things I need to do, and add to it as the week advances. I even have one started for next week already, and blah blah blah, this is getting boring--even to me.

Let's take a look at my week. On Sunday, I have written "Emma @ 8". This may have been one of the highlights of my week (which is probably pathetic). But on PBS for the last two weeks, and concluding this coming Sunday, they've been showing a new Masterpiece Theater version of Jane Austen's "Emma". And it is GOOD (unlike some Masterpiece Theater versions)! So good I capitilized, italicized, and bolded the word "GOOD".

Moving onto something not so exciting, today I have written down to change the fish water. I haven't mentioned yet that a few weeks ago my sister bought us two betas (one female, one male) who could not be in the same bowl. Already the female has died and I feel a little responsible. But we buried it Fancy Nancy style (in the dirt, sprinkled with a few rocks from her bowl, and a sign Alexis made) which is how we do everything around here these days. That Fancy Nancy is beginning to make my life a little harder. Anyway, I have to change the male's water today and I keep putting it off because, quite simply, I can't handle pets. Not even a little fish. So thanks for the gifts Rachel, but please, never again!

Also, today I have written down "video camera". That means last week I dropped my video camera off at a place I found on the internet, a business run out of a guy's really sketchy looking shed off the side of his house. He promised to call me with the diagnosis of what is wrong with it, but he hasn't yet--so I need to investigate. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever see my video camera again, or if the shed was sketchy looking for a reason.

Another not so exciting event of the week is written down on Thursday. The dermatologist, at 10 AM. Here's a little known fact--I have ringworm. Two patches of it, on the same arm. Alexis had it first, hers seems to have disappeared but according to my doctor that doesn't happen. We probably got it from some one's pet she touched this summer. Do not be afraid, while it is contagious, no one else in the house has caught it. And I'm fairly certain I touch both Jeremy and Tyler way more than I touch any of you. I'm really hoping the dermatologist has some miracle cure because I'm a little embarrassed by my ringworm, and I want it gone before this little baby shows up. Anyone out there ever have ringworm? I had a roommate in college (I'm looking at you Jennie) who got a patch of ringworm on her neck and had another roommate try to burn it off with straight bleach. She would not recommend that approach--unless the bleach was diluted a bit. But I think I'll use my insurance and go see a doctor.


My phone just rang 5 times in a row, all from different people. That never happens, and now I've lost my train of thought. Not that this post was going anywhere good anyway.

Oh, but you know what I noticed isn't on my list? Laundry! I sure hope Jeremy has added it to his.

3 morals of this story, in list form:
1. I like making lists, it helps me get things done.
2. My weeks are none too exciting.
3. If ringworm travels to a patch of your scalp it will cause your hair to fall out and never grow back in that particular spot.


Amy said...

I love lists too - probably too much. And yikes about the ringworm - I sure hope it doesn't make your hair fall out!

Reynolds Family said...

Thanks for reminding me of the usefulness of lists . . . I really need one today! I've been wasting time all morning.

I LOVE reading your posts. Always. You are awesome.

Scooby and Jon said...

I was hoping you had some miracle cure for ringworm...I'm pretty sure Jonny has it on his back. But then, maybe it's just a random dry spot.

Krissy said...

I got ringworm from a tanning bed right before I got married...right above my chest. Gross. Luckily it didn't show in the wedding pics, but seriosly? Anyway, I went to an urgent care and they gave me something to get rid of it. I'm sure if the urgent care can handle ringworm, the dermatologist certainly can.

Lindsey said...

So my mom and I went to Costco yesterday and they had Emma out to buy-we got all excited thinking we were sneaky because it isn't supposed to come out to buy till next tues. Then we get to checkout and it won't ring up so they do a search and see it's not released till the 9th and wouldn't let us buy it. Blarg! It was a buzz kill. But we love it too!

Also, I don't know if it would help, but we got Charlie his own little cheapy BOM and scripture bag so that he can put a jewel in the jar and that for some reason has been the key to Primary success. Don't know if Tyler is as weird and C, but it's made all the difference--I try to only let him take them to Primary and not everywhere else-like he wants to-so Primary is like the cool place that he wants to go. That being said, who knows what make kids tick sometimes.

Sorry about my novel post...

Shelise said...

I love your list and I'm so glad I'm on it. Can't wait to see you tomorrow.