Monday, February 8

the blue guys vs. the gold guys

Last night Tyler attached himself to "the blue team", AKA the Colts. Which means Alexis was cheering for "the gold team", AKA the Saints. Who knows why they picked the ones they did, especially since Jeremy really hadn't been cheering for either one, and I of course don't care who wins. It's a good day if I even know who is playing.

Now forgive me for this next part because Jeremy isn't here to help me with my football terminology. But you know that play that gave the Saints the larger lead, wasn't it with about 4 minutes left in the 4th? All I know is it brought their score up to 31, which made Tyler very upset.

See for yourself:

The video was taken with Jeremy's phone, so sorry for the quality.

In related video camera news, I did get a hold of the guy fixing mine and will hopefully pick it up today or tomorrow!

Also, I don't have ringworm, according to the dermatologist. I have some albino form of eczema, he thinks. So while he didn't do anything for me and just gave me his best guess, he did tell me I could come back if I need to and not pay another copay, so that's good enough for me I guess.


Scooby and Jon said...

I love your little guys reaction to the interception. Awesome.

shellybellybee said...

FUNNNNYYYYY! I think I had the same reaction to that same exact play. Well, mine might have been a little more dramatic, but I felt his pain.

Dorothy said...

The super bowl happened??? And your little man is to die for.