Thursday, February 25

checkers with a 3 year old

Ty-guy's favorite thing to do when Alexis goes to school is to play a game with me. Today when he asked if I'd play a game with him I prepared myself for another round of Candyland--his favorite game. But he surprised me by saying he wanted to play checkers. My mom gave him a "Cars" version of the game for Christmas, but I've never played it with him because he's 3. So when he asked for it I asked him if he even knew how to play. He assured me he did saying that his Aunt Rachel taught him.

I helped him set up the game and let him go first. His first move was to take one of the pieces on the back row and move it to the middle of the board. I'm not sure why I even attempted to bring sense into the game, but I told him that's not how the pieces move and showed him how to make a legitimate move. This went on for about 3 moves before jumping came into play. At that point I realized there was no point and I let him jump my pieces to his heart content--but I made sure to even the playing field. With about half of the pieces gone he lost interest in the game and set about stacking up the pieces that were no longer on the board. I decided to finish the game and play against myself. At first it was a little hard to not be biased towards the pieces I started out with, but eventually I was able to play it fairly even. But I'm sorry to say I lost.

Five minutes after the game was over, Tyler finally looked up and noticed me staring at him. He looked at the board, then back at me and said, "Is the game over?" If he ever asks, I'm telling him I won.


If you want to pre-order the hottest new book out on the market, here's a link. I might be a little biased, because the author is my dad, but I think it's pretty awesome. If you live in, around, or near the Wasatch Mountains, his book would be a great guide to a lot of the flowers you see in the area. He didn't just write and compile it, he also took all the pictures! I will be owning a copy, but I'm lucky enough to hike with him and hear the flower names straight from his mouth. And so far he hasn't gotten annoyed that I can't seem to remember any of them! Maybe I'll study the book so next time we go on a hike I can say, "Hey dad, look at that cluster of Columbines over there!"


Jennifer said...

That book looks fantastic--wow!
I wish he'd come do a book about the Treasure Valley here where I live--I've got to pick some flowers for my yard!

Glen and Rachel said...

That's really cool about your Dad's book. He's probably been working on that for a long time, that's great that he got it published!