Saturday, November 7

some Saturday morning snipits

Jeremy is at work this morning. I checked the calendar, and it's been since October 3rd that he's been home in the morning. I'm talking any morning, weekday or weekend. He is far too busy, but I'm glad that he chooses to spend his downtime with us. He had a chance to go golfing this afternoon and the man turned it down without even checking with me. I feel a little bad because the weather has been GORGEOUS, but I'm really really glad he wants to come home and be with his family.

Have you heard of a show called "Dinosaur Train" on PBS? It's Ty-guy's new favorite, but it really is kind of annoying (though probably better than Caillou). Not to mention that I'm a little confused about dinosaurs, but it seems like all the "facts" they spout about the different dinosaurs is just a lot of guessing. Like, how do they know what kind of sounds dinosaurs made? So, anyway, this morning there was an episode on that was also on earlier this week, in which they explain that EVERY dinosaur poops. At the end they sing a little song about it, and now what's stuck in my head is "Every dinosaur poops!" (sung to a tune). While the other facts may be fuzzy, I'm thinking that one is probably accurate. Oh, and lucky you, I just found a link to it!

Along the same lines, in a continual effort to guarantee Tyler doesn't pee anywhere he's not supposed to, I tell him the characters on his underwear will be mad at him if he pees on them. So this morning he picked his Lightning McQueen underwear (his fave) and I said, "What will Lightning say if you pee on him?" His response is always somewhere along the lines of "Oh Boy! If you pee on me then I won't wear you anymore and I'll throw you in the garbage can and I'll be mad at you." Or he'll simply say "Oh Boy! I'm getting wet!" When he says it he's talking as if he's Lightning, and he always starts with "Oh Boy" but after that it can get a little confusing.

Last night Jeremy and I watched, "So I Married an Axe Murderer". Remember that movie? Yeah, I used to think it was funny, but this time around I was bored. Someone please tell me why people find Mike Myers funny? Or is it me? Have I lost my sense of humor? That could be, which would explain why my blogs been suffering lately. Sorry for posting less often, and probably for being less entertaining. Hopefully I'll get back to normal soon. Maybe you all should leave me a joke in the comments so I can see if I really have lost my sense of humor?


Jen said...

I saw that same "Dinosaur Train" episode! I cannot believe they sang a song about poop!

A lot of PBS kids shows rank right up there with Caillou in annoying-ness. Why does Sid the Science Kid talk like a 13-year-old boy whose voice is breaking? And I hate the way Jeff imitates the Dinosaur mom when she yells. Or how Buddy Dinosaur does the "duh-duh-duh" theme whenever a T-rex is mentioned.

I think it's possible that PBS has abused our sensitivities so much that we have no sense of humor left for Mike Myers. On the other hand, maybe he's only funny the first time.

Oh, you wanted a joke, not my ramblings. thinking, thinking, thinking...I've got nothing!

Glen and Rachel said...

How about a Deep Thought, by Jack Handy:
"The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face."

Amy said...

I think I've seen all the Dinosaur Train episodes by now (there aren't too many). I like it much better than Sid the Science Kid - almost ALL the voices in that show are annoying! Good luck with Tyler and the clean underwear!

The Shill Spill said...

How do you get a polar bear to....
Never mind...not appropriate! :)
I once thought Mike Myers was funny too, until I watched that show again. I think it's that we grow up a little along the way. :) I feel that away about a few movies that I couldn't STOP laughing at when I was younger...and now I think: "What was I thinking?" I don't know...S
A T U R D A Y....Saturday night, Saturday night!...La la la la!

Becky said...

I tivoed dinosaur train for Lucas after he asked me. I was totally annoyed. Now we're just back to Super Why, Sesame Street and Curious George. I can handle those 3. I'm glad I don't have cable to get even more annoying shows for him to watch!

Adam and Rachael said...

My boys LOVE the show "Dinosaur Trains" too. :) They've been singing the "every dinosaur poops" song for about a week now. And they laugh every time. I have to admit it makes me laugh to hear them laugh. I guess that's what makes the show worth it to me.