Wednesday, November 4

since you asked...

Usually, around October 29th, Jeremy will say to me, "What should I be for Halloween?" Sometimes he dresses up for work, other times for parties, but every time he asks me. I haven't figured this out, because I NEVER actually help him. Maybe I did the first few years we we're married, a mistake you newlyweds or unmarrieds should learn from. Anyway, he continues to ask, I continue to pretend like I'm thinking about it, and he eventually pulls something together last minute and it usually looks pretty good. This year instead of pretending like I'd help I just said, "I wish you would lose your Halloween spirit like I have, then life would be easier!" It would make my life easier because then I wouldn't have to feel the guilt of not really helping. But it would make him boring like me, so I guess I don't really want that. Usually my Halloween spirit extends far enough to get my kids dressed up as whatever they want to be (or whatever their dad wants them to be) and that's it. This year, for the ward party I made a headband that had bats flying off it. I figured since everyone else dressed up, I should at least try to be a little festive. So I wore it, and I probably left everyone wondering if I was supposed to "be" something. Someone finally asked me and I said, "I've been driven batty". There's a lot of truth in that.
So, sorry, but this is the only picture I have of me wearing it, and you can barely see it. Also, notice how my mouth is open? Moral support to Tyler in his donut eating contest.

Also, see below: Tyler makes a cute dinosaur too. And Alexis looks cool with half her head orange and the other half pink. Her idea, and a darn good one if you ask me. Also, they went trick or treating at grandma's house, with all their cousins. This was a lot of fun for them, as it's a holiday I don't think we've ever done with that side of the family.
A bull, a black panther (the animal kind), a witch, a dinosaur, Super Why, Princess Pea


Anonymous said...

You all look wonderful, er,scary! Glad you had such fun
wish we could have seen you live

Jessica Munk said...

You are so funny! That is exactly what I do when Jon asks me for ideas. And I totally wore a headband with bats on it to the ward halloween party!!

Reynolds Family said...

Very creative - I love the bat headband, and I love that you told someone you have been driven batty! Thanks for your comment on my post today, by the way, it helped me feel better. And even laugh aloud when you mentioned I could make it to book club this week. Ha ha ha! If only . . . ;)