Thursday, October 1


Welcome to October! There's a chill in the air BUT the sun is unobscured and shining. And my kids are bouncing off the walls. They spent the last three days in that glorious land known as "grandma's house". A place with minimal rules like, "no killing", and...that may be the only rule. I am thankful for that, I bet some grandma's don't even have that rule. As a result of their stay at grandma and grandpa's, today they are tired (from too much fun) and throwing plenty of fits. I'm not complaining though, I'm grateful my kids have good grandparents--on both sides--and that I have somewhere to send them when I want to go do something fun.

For awhile now Jeremy has wanted to ride the Paiute Trail, which is in the middle of nowhere. Or central Utah if you want to be more specific. It's a huge trail that people from all over the country come to ride. We talked to just about everyone we passed along the way, and met no one from Utah. In the three days we were there we rode about 180 miles in the Rhino. Our plan was to camp along the way, but we ended up staying in Marysvale. The first night we got a tent site in a campground mostly for RV's. It was much less adventurous, but I also didn't have to find a tree whenever I needed to pee and it had SHOWERS! Also, the next morning one of the campground workers mowed the lawn all around our little table and tent, while we were eating our breakfast! You don't get that kind of excitement while camping alone in the mountains.
The second night we asked the guy if he'd give us a deal on one of the cabins. He obliged, probably because no one was staying in any of them.

I have to mention that Jeremy did ALL the work for this trip. He planned it, he bought the food, he cooked the food, he packed the Rhino, he did EVERYTHING. I literally just came along for the ride. Here he is cooking one of the meals, and it was delicious!
The trail covers all sorts of terrain, and we went at a good time. The aspens were on fire with yellow and gold leaves!

The weather was great until the last day, when it got really really cold and windy. Despite that I loved my tour of small town America and spending some quiet time with Jeremy. And now I'm loving that it's almost time for Tyler to take a nap--he needs it more than any child has ever needed a nap.


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry you got cranky, tired kids, but i loved having them here and miss them. how come we don't get to see the picture of you wrapped up in a tarp because you were so cold? that was a very good one. yea jeremy for showing us more places in utah we never knew existed.

Krissy said...

That looks like so much fun... especially since Jeremy did all of the work!

Mary said...

Seeing that picture of Jeremy cooking just gave me the idea to ask Josh right now to go and make our spaghetti for dinner tonight. I think that's a meal he should be able to handle :) . I'm sure that you'll be hearing a big thank you from him later!