Thursday, September 24

up to my elbows in apples

Today is the best smelling day of the year at my house. The smell of cooked apples is wafting through my house, and I'm reminded once again about the good part of Fall. We're making applesauce. And by "we" I mean, me, with two kids underfoot complaining about this and that. Last year when I did this I had two friends with me, both of whom have since moved away. This was much more fun with them! And as a bonus, they helped clean up the mess when we were done. Something tells me I'm not going to get the same treatment today.

Though I do get an occasional reprieve at the strainer.
I'm using Aconi apples, which makes the applesauce pink!

I looked all over for that strainer (it only gets used once a year) and finally found it in the cupboard where wedding gifts and miscellaneous kitchen accessories go to die. I found all sorts of stuff in there that I forgot I had. A fondue pot!! A perfect pancake maker! A sandwich maker!! (which actually got a lot of use during those first few years of marriage. I guess now I don't feel so good about serving hot pb&j for dinner) Some ceramic oven dish that I don't know how to use! Several chip & dip serving platters!!* And a bib that must have long ago fallen through the drawer above it that says "I ate my first enchilada at the Red Iguana"!! Perhaps I should clear it out and use the space for storage? Maybe there's some lost soul out there struggling to make the perfect pancake (besides me, I mean) that would benefit from me donating that pan. Something to consider, for sure.

And here's how the Ty-guy looked this morning as he took on the brave job of swatting bees in the backyard. Twisted shorts because he put them on himself, green rain boots, a fly swatter, and kid sized gardening gloves to complete the outfit.

Back to work I suppose.

p.s. it's "wear a hat to school" day.

*disclaimer: If you gave me any of these gifts for my wedding, don't be offended. They've all been used, I swear. Also, good memory you've got there!


Darla said...

Love the desciption of your closet. That strainer is HUGe! I was wondering how often you'd use a strainer. Good for you, being domestic. With kids, no less!

Karly said...

I want to make applesauce like that! Where do I get one of those fancy machines? Tell me how to do this great thing!

Anonymous said...

Hey...if you don't want the Iguana Bib that WE BOUGHT SPECIALLY FOR YOUR KIDS...then we'll find and adopt g'kids with more deserving parents....DaD

The Olsen Family said...

You are so amazing!!! where do you find all the energy and time. I bet your house smells so great

Lindsey said...

Call me next time--I'll had my 3 kids to the mayhem and help you/watch you since I know nothing about making applesauce but love to think I can do anything.

Giselle said...

I love your blog. You are so funny! We got one of those perfect pancake makers for our wedding too. I just found it again a few days ago when we were unpacking a box. I've never used, but I really want to try it out.

Rachael said...

That's exactly what Adam and I stayed up late doing last night. And afterwards we said, "Was all this mess really worth it?" :) It is great tasting applesauce- but- such a mess!

Becky said...

That was fun last year! Can your kids come clean my house too? :)