Wednesday, October 14

3 and robots and cars and the last time I'll mention his birthday until next year

Well, the birthday is over. I begged him to stay 2 (I LOVE 2 year olds), but he didn't listen. However, I also love my three year old! And I love when my kids have birthdays! I didn't do a whole lot for Tyler this year, which I felt a little guilty about. But I got over that quickly because it turns out he was more excited about his robot cake than about anything else. I found a cake mix that included "edible pictures" to put on top of the frosting. He'd carry the box for this around the house for weeks, and yesterday when I finally made the cake he'd go into the kitchen, push a stool up to the counter and stare at the cake every few minutes. It was by no means a pretty cake, but I guess the fact that you could eat the robots made it cool. And he got to blow out his candles twice because the first time his dad told him to blow them out before we ever sang "Happy Birthday". It's possible Jeremy is becoming senile in his old age.

Here he's giving Alexis a thank-you hug because she gave him little Lightning McQueen and Mater cars. And then she picked him up, because she can apparently lift her own body weight. Can you do that? I know I can't.

I had to include this picture because it's the only one we've ever gotten that is close to showing a certain face that Tyler makes all the time. You probably can't tell unless you are familiar with it, but he's trying to suppress a smile. Jeremy makes this face too, though Tyler usually does it out of shyness.

After opening all his presents the adults started opening the boxes and taking the pieces out. I think this stressed him out, he was afraid of losing pieces. So he started making this pile in the corner of the room, arranging the toys, the boxes, the garbage, so he would know where everything was, and no one was allowed to touch it. He also gets this from his dad.

This picture I included because he just looks so old, and thin in it. What happened to my chubby cheeked, fat tummied, little guy?

So of course I had to look up pictures from past birthdays to see how he's changed. Tyler's 2nd birthday:

His 1st birthday:

And the original birth day:

So much has changed, but also so much about him has remained the same--like the fact that he makes our lives better. And I don't have to wait until his birthday every year to celebrate that.


lindseyj said...

Love that kid! Happy Birthday Ty :)

Becky said...

So cute! Happy birthday Tyler. They grow up way too fast! I totally had a crying while I watched Lucas sleep moment last night because he's not a baby anymore!

Adam and Rachael said...

Three year olds are fun too. :) Enjoy every moment.

Shelise said...

Oh Yeah, Happy Birthday Tyler.... I guess I kind of forgot..... that's alright though right? I always wanted to be the meanest aunt, he would have been shocked if I had remembered.