Thursday, September 17

Go Lizards!

It's a well known fact that most parents think their children are the greatest kids ever created. I'm no exception to that rule, and I find them highly entertaining. However, I also recognize that not everyone feels the same way about my kids. So while I mainly write about my kids on this blog, I TRY to not gush too much or show you boring videos that only parents and grandparents appreciate. But I will tell you this. If you've never witnessed a soccer game involving four and five year olds, you need to get yourself to one. Find a relative or look one up in your town and go watch--just don't be creepy about it! Because they are hilarious, whether you know the kids playing in them or not.

There's beauty in it for several reasons.
1. There is no such thing as teamwork. It's every man for himself, until the end when your team gathers to cheer for the other.
2. Kids that age still don't have the longest attention spans. And most of them are playing only because their parents signed them up for it. Their disinterest makes it even more entertaining.
3. None of them fit into their uniforms. None of them. And those little shin guards are beyond cute.
4. The coach asks the team, literally every minute, which goal they are going for.
5. Rules are followed only sometimes.
6. The parents aren't crazy competitive and yelling mean things at each other (at least not in my experience).
7. You clap whenever anyone makes a goal, even if they aren't on your team. Even if your child made a goal for the other team. Whatever, you always clap.

At a game a few weeks ago my dad set up his camera and got some really great shots. And remember, while I know watching a live game would be entertaining for everyone, I know looking at 20 different shots of Alexis playing soccer is not as entertaining. So I've narrowed them down, just for you. But please know, it was hard! In case you don't know, she's the shorty with the really blond hair, in a green uniform.

Here she is kicking the ball into her team--who all happen to be behind her. Details.
Here she's defeating all three of her teammates to try and make a goal. Nary an opposing team member in sight.
Ah! There they are! Note the ginormous uniforms. We use safety pins to keep her shorts from falling off.
If you click on this one you can see it bigger and see why I like it. The tongue is always out when she's concentrating. She gets that from me! Also, she looks like she's about to take flight.

Moral of the story: sign your kids up for soccer!


Coates Family said...

I love it and Amen! I coached April's soccer team and believe me, it is much more entertaining for the parents than the coaches! Then the season ends and you can look back and laugh...

Mary said...

We have never yet done the soccer thing (our oldest has coordination issues), but we were thinking of signing Darren up for little league basketball this fall. Do you think that would have the same entertainment value? We'll have to try out the soccer route next spring. (It makes me feel better when you say that most of the kids don't really know what they're doing. Maybe ours wouldn't stick out so much :))

shellybellybee said...

Awesome. 5 year old soccer is simply awesome.

The Shill Spill said...

I absolutely love that every single uniform part of them is 7 X's too big for them! :) Sooooo fun, and so cute! Love the concentration shot too! You should frame that one!

Karly said...

Ha- Love the uniforms, love the comments, love all the pictures (I could have seen 10 more too just FYI), love the safety pins holding up her shorts, love her blond hair, love the tongue when she's concentrating (cute!)...just loved this post!