Monday, August 10

what a 10 days so far!

It's a little unusual for me to go over a week without posting, but I promise I have plenty of valid excuses. So here's a recap of August so far. all 10 days of it.

This first picture I just thought was cute. They were watching a show together, lying like that. I LOVE IT!

Remember last year when we went camping with Jeremy's family and my kids got sick? Well, last week we went camping with his family again, but instead of waiting for our kids to get sick while we were there, we just saved some time and brought them already sick. Aren't we awesome parents? We actually left home a day later than planned which cut out the Rhino'ing part of the trip. We were both pretty disappointed about that, but I suppose these are the sacrifices you make when you have children. Tyler had been running fevers and had a bad cough caused by his excess of snot, which means we hadn't been getting a lot of sleep.

So let's see...

Sick child + tired mom + a tent = super fun camping trip

But wait, it gets even better. We got to Bear Lake Wed. afternoon and everyone set about setting up camp. About 8 pm, as I was getting ready to put Tyler to bed, a huge windstorm starts up. And I mean it when I say HUGE. I was standing by my kids and my nephew when the wind got to the point of serious, Jeremy was trying to hold down our tent, so I tried to rush our crying kids to the car. My poor nephew was screaming about his tent, but I didn't have time to figure out what he was talking about, I just needed to get them in the car. After getting them situated I went back to help Jeremy when my brother-in-law passes me and mentions that his other sister's tent blew away. Completely BLEW AWAY! The wind pulled it's stakes out of the ground, ripped some of it and carried it over these huge trees, down the beach towards the lake. Everyone else was busy collecting stuff/holding things down, and my sister-in-law was in the car and didn't even know her tent had blown away, so I ran after it. As I started to run down the beach I noticed a group of 10 year old boys cheering the tent on! I caught up with the tent about 10 feet before it hit the water and just waited for someone to come help me. The wind was so strong that it would literally pick me up with the tent and move me forward a little bit before I could dig my feet into the ground again. After a few other people came to help we carried the tent back up and broke down the poles on everything and waited in the car. Several of us broke or had bent poles after that, and one canopy was pretty well destroyed.

After that we moved our tent down to the beach where it had a little more protection from some trees, but the next night the wind picked up out of no where again and was just as bad. Tyler woke up coughing, but then panicked when he saw the walls of the tent practically collapsing on us, so he and I moved to the car to sleep. That was probably the longest night of my life because I didn't get much sleep. He had coughing fits about every 30 minutes, that, even if I was comfortable enough to fall asleep, would wake me up.
So now...

Sick child + tired mom + a tent + INSANE wind + uncomfortable cold car = NO THANK YOU!

The next night we bagged the camping and went and stayed at my in-laws house where we were all sheltered and somehow I got lucky enough to have the most comfortable bed in the house.

Other than the wind we had a lot of fun, but I don't have a whole ton of pictures. Here's what I do have.

On our way up to Bear Lake we stopped and let Alexis use her new fishing pole. And these are the "marshmallows" she picked out for the fish.

Have you ever seen a cuter fisherwoman?

Tyler, laughing at his funny grandpa on the beach

A real beach beauty

see my tired eyes? And my dirty hair that's been tousled by sandy wind? and my sister in laws cute swimsuit there in the background?

Alexis got an early birthday present from grandma and grandpa. She loves the skirt and headband, but this Barbie has not left her clutches for 3 days!

So that's August so far. Next up, a five year old, soccer, and school! Now I need to catch up on "So You Think You Can Dance". Don't tell me who wins!


Glen and Rachel said...

Lisa, you're braver than I am. Glen and I have yet to go camping with our kids. You should go back and read this post the next time someone suggests that you go camping. In fact, I think I'll read this post too the next time someone suggests that I go camping.

Lindsey said...

You are brave. We should have SYTYCD parties next fall. Good times to be had. (P.S. It took me like 3 weeks reading SYTYCD on facebook to realize what it was an acronym for. I'm smart)

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

umm thanks for the compliment on the suit lol! but seriously... remember that you only had the most comfortable bed in the house because i didn't! :P it's okay you're worth it!

Adam and Rachael said...

That sounds like it's comparable to our last trip to Yellowstone!! I'm glad we're not the only ones that get to have memorable trips like that. ;) It builds character.