Tuesday, March 24

toothday (you'll get the pun when you read the post...hopefully)

I am feeling uninspired today guys. Uninspired. I had a night of not much sleep this weekend (but much much fun) and between that and the "fun" we've had with Tyler lately, I'm still recovering.

Here's the good news:
Remember his swollen lip? It's come back mysteriously, every so often, and it showed up again yesterday. I finally decided to take him to the dentist because I (with the help of my mother in law!) figured that it was infected where his chipped tooth is. We figured right, it's infected. And we solved the mystery of the swollen lip.

Here's the bad news:
They have to take his tooth out. It's his front tooth, on the top. Which means we are looking at six years or so of goofy toothless grins. Which I'm not really concerned about, I feel worse about the shot they are going to have to give him to numb it.

Here's the worse news:
Since it's infected he has to be on an antibiotic before they'll do it, and Tyler hates to take medicine. I seriously just had him laid out on the floor trying to slip it in his mouth. And maybe some got in his eye--can't be sure about that. So we're looking at torture, three times a day for the next 5 to 10 days. Conveniently it coincides with mealtimes, which are already torture. If only it were Alexis, she loves medicine so much she makes up illnesses just to get some.

And that's all I've really got for you today. Maybe the sun will come back soon, and so will my creativity.


Dorothy said...

So glad you figured it out, and i'm so glad that he's going to have 1 front tooth for the next 6 years. Thats going to be cute.

The Shill Spill said...

Glad you figured it out Lis! Good luck with the shot and the medicine! I hope that goes well for you! Let me know if you need me to come help you hold him down. I'm really good at that...with Carson. :)

Glen and Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine Caleb at the dentist having to get a shot in his mouth. I think they would just have to put him under. Or maybe a good healthy dose of Benedryl (sp?) would help. Good luck with that!