Monday, March 30


Today was tooth-pulling day. I've been dreading it because the dentist warned me that the injection to numb the mouth in the front is very hard to handle.

I decided to not tell Tyler he was getting a shot, however, he did ask in the car on the way there. Fortunately he didn't believe me when I told him he was, so he went in pretty willingly. I did tell him this morning all about how he'll get to put his tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy will come and bring him something.

Tyler played it all very cool until the shot came. He laid there with his "nose" on, breathing in the laughing gas and barely moving. It was kind of funny to watch him as it started to take effect. His tongue must have felt funny because he kept trying to stick it out and move it around. And then if I would lean over him he'd very gently lift his hand up and try and touch my nose.

Both the dentist and his assistant kept commenting about how impressed they were that he was sitting so still. Even with the shot, he never moved or tried to get away, though he did cry. After the shot he wanted me to hold him, while he wiped bloody drool all over my face.

Then the dentist came back in and literally yanked that tooth out. I don't know what I was expecting, but I was surprised by what a big hole it left. Then he stuck some gauze in it to stop the bleeding, sat him up and said we could go.

Tyler's been okay the rest of the day. About when the numbness started to wear off he got really cranky, so I gave him some Motrin and a nap, and then he didn't act bothered until just before bed. He kept saying his mouth hurt, and now there's something hanging out of the hole. I'm not sure if it's the gauze or skin, but I'm really hoping it's the gauze!

I think he looks cute, not goofy. Though he does look like he's up to some trouble...

And I'm really wishing I had done some more research on the tooth fairy before mentioning it because that's all Alexis has talked about. You would not believe some of the questions this girl can come up with, and I know she'll remember all of my answers, while I've already forgotten most of them. But, did you know that the tooth fairy is about as big as a barbie, and it comes in the house through the plug outlets? Upon learning that she ran around the house to find the best outlet for the tooth fairy to come in from. Also, the TF doesn't like to be seen because she's shy, which means she also doesn't like to be hugged because she's afraid you'll smoosh her flat. She wants everyone's teeth because she builds her house out of them. Also, there are 5 tooth fairies, not one, and not millions, just 5. They like clean houses, though it's still a mystery why. And even though they are tiny, they can carry lots of heavy things.

So, in honor of Ty guy, a "would you rather".

If you were going to get a tooth pulled,
use Novocaine that numbs your whole mouth and lasts for two weeks,
have it pulled without any numbing medication?


pfabulouspfun-der said...

We have two TF's that come to our house. They are twins named Bernard and Belle. They are 200 years old and Bernard seems to be much more forgetful. They are each assigned to one of the two tooth loosing kids in our house. They leave notes and on occasion take toy requests. This is particularly hard on Belle as her child is older and more sneaky about making the requests. Her child is a pretty light sleeper on TF nights as well. Might be a good idea to keep a journal of how the fairy world works! Good luck with that in the coming years.

Bri said...

its not fair that you are soo good on your toes! i think i would have just looked at londy and said....uhhhh...i dont know's a secret.

Mary said...

Wow - I didn't know all of those things about the tooth fairy :) I'll have to remember those facts for when our turn comes around!

Reynolds Family said...

I never even thought about doing tooth fairy research, but now I will. I would definitely rather have novicaine for two weeks; I"m scared of pain. :)

I'm glad that everything went well for Tyler!

Cindy said...

He looks so cute!!! It does grow him up, however! He's just cute no matter what!

Tricia and Aaron said...

I think I would rather have it pulled without any numbing medication. I CAN'T STAND IT when my mouth is numb...especially for long periods of time.

shellybellybee said...

Ty Guy looks so cute with one tooth and I love your version of the tooth fairy. Good thing you wrote it down because I would never be able to remember such a creative version. And to answer your wourd you rather, I would have my tooth pulled without numbing medication, in an instant. That's about how long it hurts. I would know.

Karen said...

Having my mouth numb for 2 weeks might prove to be a good way to lose weight. Also, I'm not very tolerant of pain, so that would be my choice.

The Shill Spill said...

I think I would rather have novicane in effect for two weeks on the tooth thing.
Also, I love Alexis' version of the Tooth Fairy! I need to start asking Jake what he thinks about all of that. He's heard a little here and there from Lia. (What an imagination your little one has!)
Cute, Cute, CUTE picture of Ty-guy. He looks great, and I bet he feels even 'greater.' :)